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Hello readers! As you all know we conducted chat session #AskTejasswi wherein you guys dropped your questions for your favorite Tejasswi Prakash who won our hearts as beautiful Ragini in Swaragini and is now ready to enchant us again with her new stint ‘Pehredar Piya Ki’ on SonyTV.

We were flooded with hundreds of questions and our team had a tough time choosing the best out of them, but glad that we were able to do so somehow!

  1. Aryen Dev @Aaryen99 – Any prank which you still remember doing from of your childhood?

I was in school at that time, and there was a girl who used to bring scissors and wrap. One day, I and my best friend cut one of her braids (chuckles)

  1. Aleena Khan @JannatAslam4 – Have you ever played prank on Namish and Varun. If yes then can you please share with us?

Not just me but everyone played a prank on Namish. We told him that there is a sequence where he has to disguise as woman; we made him wear a saree and proper women makeup. We clicked a lot of pictures, and later we told him that there is no such sequence coming. (Giggles)

  1. S priya @priya_raglak – Do you believe in rebirth?? If yes what you want to be in your next birth?

I do believe in rebirth. I want to be born as human again. But also I would love to become a mermaid.

  1. Anamika @Anamika2795 · Do you have a mentor, from whom do you seek advice when you are in dilemma?

Yes I have a lot of mentors, Lata ma’am, Sachin Sir, Alka ji, Himesh Reshamiya there are a lot of people whom I look up to.

  1. Grace @GraceDhakal – What are the three Smartphone apps that you can’t live without ?

There’s nothing in my phone that I can’t live without. Whenever I get free time I read, or I listen to something good. I can literally live without my phone.

  1. Hafsana @hafsana007 -There are so many people telling #PehredaarPiyaKi is promoting child marriage. What’s your take on it?

The story is set on the backdrop of Rajasthan, and this thing has actually happened there. We are not showing a proper court marriage or something like that. More than a wife, my role is that of the child’s guardian. I feel no one can take care of a guy more than his mother or his wife. So we are not showing anything like dowry or something which people can’t agree to. It’s not a love story; it’s just a nice, funny and cute story.

  1. Moniii @onenonlymonica – As an actor which role would you prefer (A)That gives you immense popularity (b) Will make you grow as an actor

If I can choose both, then I’d say both. But, if I had to choose one, then I’d choose the role which gives me a scope to grow as an actor.

  1. Taiana Mery @MeryTaiana – What was your first salary? What did you do with it?

I was just 17, when I started. I am not sure that I can tell you my salary, it was very less. I gave my salary to my mom and I have no idea what my mom did with it. I am sure she must have made a mutual fund or FD with it. Even now I don’t do anything with my money. I still get a pocket money. I don’t even know how to take out money from bank and all.

  1. Sweta Jain @SwetaJain96 – What is the best mode of relaxation for you after a hectic schedule of your daily shows?

I love going to Spas. I am obsessed with Spas. And when I return home, I hug my mom. After a hectic schedule, meeting my mom really gives me relaxation.

  1. tejasswi_jabrafan @safsofasoso32 – What is that one series which was a turning point in your life?

Though, I love all my shows. But, I think my first show 26/12 was the turning point in my life, otherwise I was an engineering student, but this show was a turning point for getting me into this industry.

  1. Nadia @nadiaa95 – The dumbest rumor that you’ve heard/read about yourself?

The dumbest rumor was that I and Namish were together, we laugh and clap on it till now.

  1. мαуυ @mayaraglak – What is the scariest part of an audition?

You feel nervous in one room being recorded with a camera.

  1. Nidhi Shetty @Nidzi055 – Is there any moment in your life where you want to go back and live again?

I miss my college and school days, I miss whooping it up with friends, that innocence and that tension free life.

  1. Akila Goud @akila_goud -Do you like cooking and what’s the best dish which you can cook?

I like cooking, though, I don’t cook regularly. I can make chicken and masala paranthas really well.

  1. Richa Khera – Would u like a biopic on your life??? If yes then who should play your role apart from you?

Honestly speaking I don’t want to flash and play something on my real life. When I don’t want a biopic to be made then naturally I won’t want anyone to portray it (smiles)

  1. Anzana Bista @anzana_bista01 – Who has had the most influence on creating you as a person?

My mother.

  1. Tejaholic Neethu @angel172431 – What is that one thing which you always do that annoys your mom?

I have a weird habit of playing with my lips; I make bubbles out of it. It really irritates my mom; she always says that it will become a habit.

  1. RagLak @sonia6198 -Have you ever regretted about saying or doing something? RagLak are so close to our heart, what do you have to say about Raglakians still loving you?

No I don’t regret doing anything. I want to thank them for all the love. They have been so loyal to us. Even today they get so happy to see me and Namish together. They are always with us with whatever new we take up.

  1. R.I.T.U @i_rituuuu – Do you have temper issue? What to do when you freak out!

I don’t try to control my anger. I speak my heart out whenever I am angry. Even if I don’t like something or somebody, I call that person and tell that I don’t like this. I’m very honest in this, I keep nothing inside me.

  1. Sukriti @sukritisri510 – Any memory that you want to share with us from your college days?

When I started acting and rehearsing and I was in an engineering college and it’s not a correspondence course, I used to get scolding from teachers for coming late, for not attending college. But I got used to these scoldings because I had to do, what I wanted to do.

  1. Last question from all your fans – How did you celebrate your birthday this year?

I am sure they all know because they have seen my pictures on Instagram. I invited all my close ones and all the people whom I love. I started the celebrations with my mom and ended with my friends so I think it was a perfect birthday.

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