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Hello readers! As you all know we conducted chat session #AskShivani wherein you guys dropped your questions for your favorite Shivani Surve who is ruling hearts as Vividha in Star Plus’s popular show ‘Jana Na Dil Se Door.’

We were flooded with hundreds of questions and our team had a tough time choosing the best out of them, but delighted that we were able to do so somehow!

C  O K Y A @tellymaniac – Is there any character on TV other than Vividha that you have watched and thought that you can play better?

 I guess everyone is perfect and everyone is doing their best, the producers and creative team think a lot before casting an actor so I think there are a lot more efforts that goes in casting. So I feel that everyone is perfect in their own character.

Ultimate Vikku  @ultimate_vikku  – Is there any similarity between you and Vividha?

Yes little similarities are there, like Vividha loves her family, I too love my family.

 Aish…. @Aishwarya19596 – Is there any change that Shivani adopted from Vividha’s character?

Not really! But somewhere down the line you have to be politically correct, which Vividha is, that I have adopted from her character.

VIKYA_KI_BEGUM  @jain_tanima – How was your Manali shoot? Share one memory.

Manali experience was wonderful. I had a crazy time with Vikram and Shashank. I remember our shoot packed up soon so we went to explore Manali. We were recognized by the crowd out there, it was really fun.

Neha  @Neha07362646  – With who would you want to explore quality time with on the sets?

I would like to spend my quality time with everyone, with Vikram, with Shashank, with Vineet ji, Aparna Ghoshal, who played my mom. But among all of these, I loved to spend my quality time with Aparna ji.

 HanithaRadhakrishnan @hani_rkrish – As a woman, what is you view about Vividha, a girl who chose her love over the forced marriage and stood against the terms and rules of the society?

See, if you are made to do something forcefully then you don’t do it with all you heart. What you think as an individual comes first than what society will think. Society is not going to be with you throughout your life, so it is a secondary term. Your life partner is going to be with you during your ups and downs, so you should follow what your heart says.

Ria ViTharv @RiaCreations  -What is that one thing you want to change in yourself?

I don’t want to change anything in myself. I am fine with the way I am.

s t e p h.   @xHowRudex  Describe Vikram Singh Chauhan in one word?

Vikram ..he is funny.

Komal  @queenkomal007- What is that one question that you ask from yourself often and what advise you want to give to your viewers?

I don’t ask any question from myself. I think we ask questions from ourselves, when we don’t like anything happening around. But, whatever is happening with me is perfect. It is true that now- a-days I just feel that why they are going off air, they should be there for some more time. Advise ..(thinks) my viewers are superb, they love my character, my work, I am so glad to receive their love.

C O K Y A @tellymaniac- What was your first reaction when you were told that you have to play a mother in Jana na Dil se door?

I was like are you serious? It took a little time to digest it.

SUBIA @CoolN10 Describe Shivani Surve in one word?

I am a happy go lucky person.

Mrs.Stunning SURVE     @Biblio_phagist What are the three qualities that you love in Vividha?

Three things would be- The way she loves everyone, the way she handles everyone and the way she maintains her relationships.

angel_shivani_surve What is your philosophy of life?

My philosophy of life is ‘live and let live.’

vitharv_lovers- Who is your favorite co-star you have ever worked with?

That will be very difficult to answer. But I will say I have come across a very playful soul while working on this project and that is Aparna Ghoshal .

arohi binti- Did you ever expect that your jodi with Atharv will become so popular?

No, this was our aim from day one. We wanted this to work. It was like by hook or by crook, we had to make it work. I have always got a good vibe from this.

Subia!   @CoolN10 – According to you what is the best thing about ‘Jaana Na Dil Se Door’?

The best thing about Jaana na Dil Se Door was phase one.

Sumi   @sumaiya_kay – What do you like the most about ViTharv love story?

They are so passionate about each other. They know what all things can hurt others, their family involvement, everything is perfect about them.

Smiling Disha – What is your favorite holiday destination and why?

I am going to Chile after this show and you will see my Insta post, it will be all Chile. (Giggles) But if you ask me one particular holiday destination, then I would say London. I would even want to settle in London.

 Vikya ki Heroine      @shivik_fan · Mar 10 @JustShowbiz what’s that one thing which you do always after the packup?  #AskShivani

Remove my make-up and go home (chuckles) because I really don’t like to wear my make up when I am not shooting.

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