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Trip to Memory Lane of IPKKND franchise

Our dark hero ‘ASR’ has returned and…

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Hello readers,

Long time no rain and no me…. 😆

Who writes when you sweat in AC. Right? But then I find something more hotter than this summer to discuss. No matter how much Suraj Bappa shower blessings on us, we find our super nova reasons to cooooooollll ourselves. Yup! my sole motto of opening this freshly cooked post is because my one and only ASR who have returned.

Okay, Naam Mein Kya Rakha Hai!!  ASR is ASR. Be it Arnav or Advay Koi Farq Nahi Padta!! 😉 if it portrayed by our very own HOTWA Barun Sobti.   Loyal followers of this franchise know these terms well.

Let’s check out the promos of season 3 first:


My in-depth analysis on this promo is that the more you listen this Rabba Vey, more you will drown in this tune. So, do it in your leisure time. I loved the old version although this one is definitely fresh and a very different attempt. Every time when I listen to “Kyun dard hai Itna, tere ishq mein?”, I am transmitted to that golden era by default. Honestly, this brightens that spot. I welcome this fresh new change.

Anyhow, I have my apprehensions for the look of new ASR. Hotwa is beyond okay, expressions are spell binding but why that ganda sa beard? I remember that stubble look of Arnav Singh Raizada. Albeit, since we have less knowledge on character so I want to stop my assassination process. I guess I am comparing. It’s natural Gul ma’am, what to do.

The promo did hit us with burning bodies (looks like of family members of Advay), broken gate, smashed statues, barren land and a guitar. Is he professionally musician or the guitar is to add drama? However, I want to know the significance of lifeless tree and hanging taveez. The promo does tap your curiosity and leaves you wanting for more. Oh! Did I forgot to mention the burning heart in end with wrong side cut? I guess I did.  😛


Moving ahead the channel mesmerized us with another promo revealing more of the plot of show in a mysterious way. Here’s another one with Intezar, Intehaan ya Ilzam doon? Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?


Promo pitches curiosity level when Advay burn the picture of female lead Chandani (Shivani Tomar). Hatred, anger and agony in eyes of male lead are signature scenes of IPKKND franchise. We have to see what more this has to offer along with our Hotwa.

Further, third promo punch us on our face with introduction of Shivani in saree clad, perfect desi girl type. But ….but….watch again here.


The oddity of promos only bundles up the interest level of the viewers. No doubt that’s what channel and makers of this show wants.

I have one shikayat from Gul ma’am. Gul ma’am, why Shivani is so oddly dressed. Hailing from UP I know how UP girl dresses. Sorry to say, they are not even close to be like that. I hope you give some great style to leads. Agree, she looks ethnic but saree is bit much in today’s modern day. Still I will wait to see the show before I conclude.

Now some off track talk. I know the conflict between fans of old show and upcoming show. Every body wanted the old jodi to be back but Amitabh Bachchan didn’t worked with Rekha in every film. Did he? Not every one fit’s in each role. Deepika Padukone can’t do Dev Sena role, neither Anushka Shetty will look good in XXX – Return of Xander cage. Does she? See you can’t even imagine that. Similarly, may be the role suited current pair rather than past pair. It’s makers and channel franchise and their decision. Both the actors from first franchise are doing awesome job in their individual projects. I wish all the best to both actors to achieve success in all their future endeavours.

Also to the whole team of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3? Hope this show become a hit and live expectations of loyal followers.

This is your Mrs Salt and Pepper leaving here humming….Kyun dard hai itna, tere ishq mein……Rabba vey…rabba vey…

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