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#Exclusive #FanChatSession with Ashish Sharma

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Ashish Sharma, who proved his versatile talent in acting through different roles in couple of shows like Siya ke Ram, Rangrasiya, Gunaoh ka Devta and Chandragupta Maurya gear up with his upcoming project Prithvi Vallabh on Sony TV. Ashish, who also won the Jhalak Dikhla Ja Season 7 title, is playing the titular role in the show.

Ashish exclusively opens up to his fans through our #Fan #ChatSession in his own simple and impressive style. 


What was your first reaction when you read the script of Prithvi Ballav? (asked by ashish_sharmaFc™‏ @ashish_sharmaFc )

It was actually very interesting. Anirudh sir had called me first for some other thing. Later he asked me to come to his office as he had a big surprise for me. In Office, I listened to the audio pilot of the show Prithvi Vallabh. He had the full confidence on me to do this role. After listening the audio pilot I agree for the role.

In Indian Drama long episodes make it boring and sometimes lot of scenes are far from real life. what’s your views on it? ( asked by OTina‏ @DrOtinadb  )

It’s not just what you have shown basically, it’s actually what people want to see at the end of the day. It’s always a vice-versa. It’s not about slow or fast or how much they are far from reality. There are all kinds of content. It’s not just what life is all about, it is how life can be or how somebody else can be. So, at times it taking away from reality also. It is like telling you a story which might not related to you but related to somebody else. World is a huge space and there are all kinds of people in it.

 What Kind of questions or tweets annoys you and you are tired of replying? (asked by Mano‏ @NiloPriya )

Nothing annoys me or irritates me as such but sometimes repetitive questions about praising and sometime asking about my private life really doesn’t seem interesting at all. It’s not that they irritate me but it’s just that, I don’t pay much attention to those questions.

Which word or phrase describe you the best AS? (asked by fanfanfan‏ @always30august)

I don’t know( laughs). I would say that I really think I am not that praise worthy.How was your experience of working with Sonarika? (asked by 👸Sonarika FC 👸 ♥️‏ @Sonarikan_FC)

It was quite nice. She is a professional actress. It’s been very pleasent working with her. She is good co-actor.

Indian TV said to be lacking in innovation and content. What are your views regarding this? (asked by Aditi‏ @ImAdiiti)

I am going to partially agree to it and partially disagree. Yes, there is lack in innovation and content but it’s not beyond repair. I would suggest everyone to stop watching bad content. If you stop watching, they will stop making. Don’t leave them with any option. There are lot of good content show launched every year. But because of the lack of the viewers they shut the shows. After all at the end of the day it’s business. So. I advise viewers to watch the shows with good content only.  That’s the only option.

 If you could change one thing about yourself, What it would be? What are your best and worst subject in school? (asked by N‏ @niji_71)

Why would I change anything about myself (laughs). I love myself so I don’t want to change anything about me.

The worst subject was Mathematics. I used to flunk in Mathematics always. In 10th standard, I saw maths lastly in my life and I was very happy about it. The best subject I would say were Languages and History.

Are you happy what Ashishians do to show their love for you & what we are doing can remove any stress you feel? (asked by Amaal_momo‏ @Amaalmomo2 )

Yes, obviously! Who wouldn’t like to be loved? As an actor that’s what I strive for and that’s what I work for. We always work for our fans, for our viewers and for their appreciation. If I am getting all the love and warmth from fans and viewers I am overjoyed. I feel, I am over the moon. They are constantly supporting me in each and every show. They never fluctuate and I am really happy about that. I usually don’t take much stress but I agree that their love and appreciation definitely releases my stress.

If you were ruler of this world for only one day, what would you do? (asked by Arab Ashishians‏ @Arab_Ashishans

Omg!!I don’t know what I will do (laughs). I never thought about it.

 If you were to play a character from the Mahabharat who would that be? (asked by Ria‏ @Rial_ist)

There are so many characters in Mahabharat. I would love to play Aswathama or Lord Krishna.

Should lead actors have social responsibility while selecting their roles? (asked by annapurna‏ @annapurna96)

I think it’s not only just lead actors or public figure, everybody have social responsibility. But, I don’t think that this should be the criteria to select their role. For example, if I have a social responsibility I would never be able to do a negative role.  And as we know being a actor we need to play all shades of character, so, it shouldn’t be the criteria. But everybody should be socially responsible.

How do you relax or unwind after a long day at shoot? (asked by Indira Tandon‏ @IndiraTandon1 )

I go back home and I give 15 minutes to my kids which are my four dogs.  That releases all my stress.  They are my real stress busters. If you had a chance to play in Hollywood, who would you like to share the leading role with? (asked by Fariha Shaheen‏ @shaheen_fariha)

There are many actor and actress. It’s really difficult to choose. The female actor definitely would be Meryl Streep. I would also like to work with Natalie Portman. There is huge list of male actors actually. But if given a chance in this lifetime, I would love to share the screen with Jack Nicholson.

 What is the most memorable and special thing you did for Archana? (asked by Ashish My Heartbeat ✨‏ @anju_ashish)

I married her (laughs).  That’s the most special and memorable thing I have done for her.

Among your all co-stars, with whom you are most comfortable and wanted to work again? (asked by Medha‏ @Medha13192559 )

I am comfortable with every co-star and I would love to work with all of them all over again. I hope they share the same views.

What has been your favorite roles so far? (asked by Niveditha‏ @nivedvins)

My favorite role so far would be Rudra from Rangrasiya.

How easy or difficult was it for you to play the character of Prithvi Vallabh? (asked by Ramsha‏ @Ramsha4321 )

I think it’s easy for me this time because Prithvi”s character is 90% similar to me. I can relate to it with my real life. So I have to just play myself. The rest of the thing are the little techniques that we used to do to enhance the character. Otherwise it’s pretty much like me. It’s who I am from inside and out. So it’s not difficult.

As an actor could you tell us what are the high and low points of your career so far & your learning from them? (asked by 🌺Amrita_Smile 🌺‏ @Amrita_Smiles)

My initial journey started with lows because when I started of my career, I read almost three four scripts of films at a stretch but none of them came out. I was not sure what to do next. How to move forward in life? Then television happened to me. Post that, it has been only up swing. But I don’t think I have reached to the high point of my career. I am working towards it. It’s a good phase of my life definitely, but there is long long way to go. I have learnt that you should always smile and work hard all the time. If you keep working positively towards anything, the low points will go away. There is no point of thinking, cribbing or crying because that’s not gonna solve anything. Only you have to work hard and try to achieve good in life.

As an actor how do you think about the development of television industry in India? (asked by meta refinda‏ @refinda0609)

I think television has boomed a lot in last couple of years. It has become a huge medium, it reaches humongous. It has effected marvelously in our life. Today you can reach out everybody’s bedroom in span of few seconds . In television there is always paradigm shift that happens. In every five to six years TV changes as the audiences also changes.We see that few new people join specially the younger generation as viewers. Right now we can see the shorter versions of shows are into prominence, changes in the industry are also being implemented accordingly.

 Which is your favorite Hindi film which has influenced you deep enough strong content of a film which has created deep impression? (asked by Neelum Guha‏ @zoinxy)

There are many films which motivates and inspires me. I really respect and adore works of Guru Dutt and contemporary works of Rajkumari Rani. According to me Indian Cinema is at it’s best phase now. I really like simple and short movies which depicts a good content and message.


We wish him a great luck for his upcoming show Prithvi Vallabh. For more interesting news, stay tuned with Just Showbiz. Let’s Get Buzzing!!


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