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Abhishek Verma locks horns with a Lucknow Nawabs team member

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Actor Abhishek Verma surely seems to be passionate about cricket, so much so, that this passion seems to have got translated into his behaviour, even when he is not playing. The actor can be seen getting into a verbal brawl with a Lucknow Nawabs  member, in a video than has gone viral recently.

Over an argument over a no-ball, one of Lucknow team members told him to sit out! This seemed to have really angered Abhishek, who held his arm to pull him back. After this, the actor had to be literally pulled away from the scene. The actor was abusing and refused to bow down. “Mujhe bolta hai bahaar baith! Gaali dunga main!” says the actor.

Along with passions, another thing which seems to be running lose in BCL this year are tempers! Tune in to watch more!

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