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Shruti Ulfat commands respect on the field

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Actor Shruti Ulfat, who is the captain of Lucknow Nawabs in Ekta Kapoor and Anand Mishra’s MTV BCL, seems to be taking her tasks as the captain extremely seriously. In a video that has gone viral recently, the actor can be seen shouting at her team because they didn’t involve her in a decision.

She can be seen arguing with her team and taking decisions. She says, “Mujhe samajh nai aata hai, Jab decision lete hai, please involve me!”

However, like a good captain, she also encourages her team next. “Let’s not get bogged down by this whole thig, “she says, adding, “He is doing a wonderful job and let us stick to the sports spirit. Finished!”

Not only does she seem confident about her game, she seems to be in full control of her team as well. Shruti is one of the strongest players in BCL this time and surely knows her way around the field.

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