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#BlackbuckPoachingCase : Salman khan caught guilty while other scot free Justice!!!or partial injustice???

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Salman Khan, the actor who was currently shooting for Race 3!!!was given a verdict of 5 years of improsnment for trying to kill two black buck 20 years ago.

On the night of October 1 and 2, 1998 the actor along with others as such Saif Ali Khan, Poonam, Tabbu, Sonali brende planned a jungle expedition and tried to kill down two black buck as a part of their enjoyment and fun.

If reports were to be believed then actors were stayed near Jodhpur, Rajasthan for the shooting of “Hum saath saath he”

The trails in court is going round and round from past 20 years and today a jodhpur session court labelled him as guilty for killing the black buck while others accused actors of the film who were also present at the court today were acquitted.

Salman Khan appeared in Jodhpur session court for final hearing

Though the legal team of Salman khan issued a notice where they made their stand clear.H M Saraswat, the defence counsel said there are many loopholes in the prosecution’s given statements and all supporting documents and opinions and the prosecution has failed to execute a strong stand against my client to prove their point.

“Prosecution has failed to prove allegations against the accused and has engaged in tampering and fabricating evidences and documents as well as roping in fake witnesses to prove the case. It has even failed to prove that black bucks were killed by gunshots. Hence such investigation cannot be trusted upon”, Saraswat said during final arguments going on today morning.

If we consider history then this will be the third time he is getting sentenced a hardcore punishment only to set free by high court post applied by the actor’s team.

Salman Khan at Jodhpur Central jail

He was sentenced of 5 years jail with a penalty of 10k bucks under section 51 of wildlife protection act and while others are charged under section 149, the maximum punishment one can get being found guilty under Act 51 is six years of imprisonment.

Jodhpur presiding officer Devkumar Khatri announced Salman khan guilty for killing black bucks on October 1, 1998 near Kankani village which are considered as endangerd species today morning at the court premises.

Salman was dictated to take straight to Jodhpur central jail post hearing while in all this we still didnt recive any reaction from the actor himself.

While post this verdict got viral social media crashed with mixed reviews.From celebrity to general people talked about the case.

Many famous Bollywood personnel such as Subhas Ghai and Jaya Bacchan expressed their disbelieve about the verdict and calls it unfair and “too much” while general public got something different to say.For many this verdict is a light of hope for people who lost their belive in Indian judiciary system while some accused it by saying just because the name is Salman Khan, the case was dragged from past 20 years while it failed repeatedly at times to pass a correct verdict on henious crimes like rape murder and others.

Many Tv stars also slammed Indian court for being unfair to Salman khan, Bigg boss winner Shilpa Shindey expressed her support for the bhai of bollywood and raised a question about where is the dedication gone for other cases.Some not even caught and set free but here he is sentenced for five years.

While in the mix emotions of fair and unfair everyone got a doubt in mind as some are labelling it as political stunt and claimed his surname is playing a huge part in this showdown on him.He is paying price for being a well known figure.Many asked why apart from him others accused are set free when they are very much guilty as well.

Well in a crowd of allegations, questions, disappointments, justice and injustice we will pray punishment should be served for every crime and law should work freely and neutrally.

But seeing the number of pending cases in indian courts with some containing henious crimes in it we wonder is it a glamours gimmick of law as like earlier this time also the actor will be free wdin days using his money and will roam freely or law will act in equal manner for all criminals out there above of their social status.

Well only time will answer.We wish the family of the actor strength to deal with the situation.

Salman khan movies shooting schedules are postponed as of now.Its time to see where and how the whole journey of this 20 year concludes.


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