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Star Movies bids goodbye to Hugh Jackman with Logan on April 22, 1 pm & 9 pm

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Heroes may die, but legends are immortal. That’s what Hugh Jackman has been for all Wolverine fans across the globe. Wolverine is unarguably the most beloved characters from the X-Men, and Hugh Jackman did complete justice to the role and his character by portraying the adamantium coated, claw bearing, animalistic Superhero with absolute conviction. No wonder then that in the midst of changing faces and rebooting of franchises, he’s been the one man who’s stood tall and donned the mantle of Wolverine all through these years successfully.

Hugh Jackman’s journey in the X-Men franchise spans 18 years, with 9 movies and grossing over 4 billion dollars. And the celebrated journey comes to a fitting climax with LOGAN. Star Movies will bring together the fans of Hugh Jackman with its Indian television premiere of LOGAN on 22nd April 2018 at 1PM and 9PM.

Also starring Patrick Stewart and Dafne Keen, Logan pays homage to the much-loved Wolverine. This Academy Award nominated film, directed by James Mangold showcases a side of Wolverine that fans have never seen before.

Star Movies will celebrate Logan through an Ode to Hugh Jackman campaign. On social media, Star Movies will invite fans to send in their tributes to Hugh Jackman and will feature selected entries in a special tribute to Logan on 22nd April.

Watch Hugh Jackman become immortal in the television premiere of LOGAN only on Star Movies on April 22, 1 PM & 9 PM

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