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Television actresses, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Shubhangi Atre and Sara Khan calls casting couch a fake believe!

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The entire entertainment industry is currently buzzing about the casting couch issue. After actress Alekhya aka Sri Reddy is presently going around the TV channels and addressing the problem by adding her experiences. She recently revealed that the heroines must give commitments to the producers and directors to earn a survival in the film industry. Popular television actresses like Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Shubhangi Atre and Sara Khan comes out and says television industry is not pollution by such conditions. They also call it fake believe.

Devoleena Bhattacharjee: I have never experienced or heard about any such experience from my friends and near ones. I have only read about it. I really dont feel or see any such happening around my working ground. However if even it exists I am always against it. I believe the fact industry is too big and talent is always respected here.
Shubhangi Atre: I believe a producer or the maker are investors. And from their point of view talent is always most welcome for their investment. Artist with no talent will never take the show ahead. And casting need the approval of Producer and channel too. So I don’t see casting couch in a genuine production company or a channel, nor I have faced any such situations till date. I believe this is a fake believe and polluting thought which many fake agencies follow up. And many innocent becomes victims of.
Sara Khan: Casting couch is totally a fake believe. Atleast I dont see it around me. I have done many shows in India, TVC, regional and bollywood movies. Even have work with Pakistani shows. But till date I dint see this happening. I believe we enjoy most clean work. Yes may be we need to shoot day and night or long. But our work includes a good team work, fun, entertainment and travel. I enjoy my work.
Amrapali Gupta: Casting couch never happens in genuine production houses or say by channel. I have no such experiences. But yes I agree people in contact with different casting agencies are at risk of facing such situations. But I would love to suggest the aspiring actors who comes in Mumbai to get some fame. Don’t go and even waste money in such agencies. Join casting groups on Social Media or find some famous, genuine casting people and go for auditions. If you are talented you’ll get roles for sure. And if someone offers any such condition. Loud your voice rather putting yourself in a risk.

Mahika Sharma: I don’t believe casting couch exist in our industry at least. We all need to struggle for getting work. If people like your work, market brings you lot of offers and you grow automatically. A talented artist is just like a treasure for productions. Casting couch is just a synonym of superstitious belief. And many innocent becomes victims to it.

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