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Biggest support, the epitome of strength; TV actors describe their mothers

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This Mother’s Day, telly actors share their best memories with their mothers and what they mean to them.

Vivian Dsena -My mother’s name is Shyamlata. She is one person without whom I can’t even think of my life. She has given me an excellent upbringing. Whatever I am today is because of her blessings. She is my strength and vice versa. No amount of gratitude is enough for her. My mother has given me unconditional love all my life. My mother has been my support system. The time that I spend with her is the most precious time for me. We may get busy in our career but there is no substitute for family time.

Sehban Azim- To be honest, there’s nothing more powerful than the relationship between a mother and her child. It is the most powerful, strongest, emotional bond. My mother has been a perfect balance of a friend, a teacher, a guide, a and even a father, when it was needed. We talk like friends and she advices me on everything I do. She points out mypr mistakes in my profession and my personal life. I don’t think I would have been anything without her. I owe everything to her.

Rashami Desai – My mother Rasila Desai is a teacher. I am proud of her and her upbringing. I was a shy child initially but in school, I became active in cultural activities. Since my mother was a teacher, I was always a disciplined child. I learned the value of discipline and it has always helped in my life. My mother has taught me that hard work is the only investment that never fails.  She is my lifeline and I can’t think of life without her. Her happiness is of utmost importance to me. My mom is a positive person and one of the biggest influences in my life. She has always stood by me through thick and thin.

Ssharad Malhotraa – My mother Neera Malhotra has given provided me with an excellent upbringing. She never refused me and my sister anything, yet she has disciplined us. Although I stay in Bombay, away from her, yet not a single day goes by without talking to her. I could have always asked her for anything that I wanted and she has given it to me before I could even finish. She was a big motivating force in letting me participate in Zee Cinestar Ki Khoj. She keeps coming to Mumbai every three months as she is always concerned whether I have eaten food or not. She is always happy about my happiness and vice-versa. She is my strength and support system.

Mohammad Nazim – My mom’s name is Surayya Parvin. My mother felt proud of me the day people recognized her as Nazim’s mother.  She is the epitome of strength and unconditional love. I have no words to describe her. I can’t even think of life without her. She has supported me in even decision in my career.

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