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Amole Gupte‘s assistant, Jitendra Rai’s film selected in 💯 international film festivals and won 20 awards worldwide.

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Directed by acclaimed filmmaker , Social Worker And theatre personality, Jitendra Rai of Matheno Films, ‘Cup of Tea’ has received the official selection and nomination in over 💯international film festivals and has already won 20 awards. This includes the best educational short film award at the “Rishikesh International Film festival” India and “Best Jury Prize” at the “ Italy film festival “  The film has garnered around 80 million views within 6month on various social media platforms.
On seeing the positive response his film has received, Jitendra Rai said, “The idea for this film came partially from my own personal experience. I come from a small village in Bihar, where education was not easily available, so we had to walk to school for several kilometres and back every day, which made it very difficult. Even now, the quality of education there hasn’t improved very much.
I have always loved working with kids, because I get to learn a lot from them. While working with Amole Sir on ‘Stanley ka Dabba’ and ‘Hawaa Hawaai’, I got the opportunity to learn a lot from him as well as the children, and this is why I want my first feature film to be about kids. Our script is almost ready, and very soon we will be pitching studios.
Cup of tea ( short film link)
“Cup of tea”
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Jitendra Rai’s work:-
He has worked with Amole gupte as assistant director on  “ Stanley ka dabba “ & “Hawaa Hawaai”
And also with Vishal Bhardwaj on “ matru ki bijalee ka mandola “
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