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Heital Puniwala to be seen in ‘Internet 4G Love’

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Actor Heital Puniwala will soon be seen in a new show called ‘Internet 4G Love’ and the actor is super excited about it. He says that he loves his character in the show and is confident that people will love it. “My role in the upcoming show is more of a comic character where I wish my wife becomes like my bhabhi. I want her to multi-task. I want her to handle the business as well as house and take care of all my family members. I want her to learn how to balance her work and personal life,” he says.

The actor says that our life is dependent on the internet in so many ways. “The Internet is very useful in today’s world. We can get any information through the internet. In this fast-paced life, internet had made our work easy. If I require information regarding any topic, I just Google it. Knowledge is spread all over the internet,” he says.

In fact, social media too is an essential tool to communicate today, says Heital. “It has become easy to connect to people while sitting in one place. We can connect or search for any one who we would like to get in touch with. There are always two sides of a coin. Social media and the internet has good things as well as bad things. We can connect to people in a few seconds and get information regarding any topic. The other side is that children get exposed to many wrong things at a very small age. This can be harmful to them. Our young generation totally depends on the internet which is a negative point,” he says.

Ask him how active he is on social media, and he says, “I am more active on Facebook and Instagram. I’m not able to connect to everyone at once on Whatsapp, so I am not a big fan of that. On Facebook, my posts reach millions of the people. I can connect to my fans better,” he says.

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