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What if Winx club was made in India? (Part 1)

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Winx Club is an Italian animated TV series of 7 seasons, followed by 3 animated movies, directed, created and produced by Iginio Straffi under Rainbow Productions in co-production with Rai-Fiction. The animated series is created with a view to take the audiences, especially teens, at a magical journey of a group of beautiful fairies from being ordinary fairies to a popular Winx who are enrolled to Alfea, the school for fairies, and took courage to face off the Trix, the sister witches, and other demons with the help of boys of Red Fountain, the school of specialists, in order to save magic dimension from their evil desires. What if the animated series Winx Club was made in India? Which actors would have been seen portraying the interesting characters of this series on-screen? Let’s have a look:-

Shivangi Joshi as Bloom:-

Bloom is the fairy of dragon flames who is originally born as the princess of Domino planet but is sent to the earth for safe upbringing far away from ancestor witches who distroyed Domino. Bloom is brought up on earth like an ordinary girl with no power but she joins Alfea, the school for fairies, after she gets to know about her magical powers while helping Stella fighting with Knut. Bloom becomes friend with Stella, Musa, Tena and Flora at Alfea and gives a name to her gang Winx Club. Afterwards she discovers truth about her life with the help of her friends and boyfriend Sky. She is strong, generous and loyal yet a bit stubborn and impulsive causing her to not back down from challenges.

Shivangi Joshi, with her acting skills, is making us believe with her acting that she would perfectly do justice with the character Bloom.

Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar as Stella:-

Stella is the princess of Solaria planet and the fairy of shining sun. She is a gorgeous girl with innovative skills and great sense of humor. She is innocent and child like among friends but have power to remove darkness spreaded by demons with her brightness. Stella enrolled to Alfea a year ago but was expelled from the school for blowing up the potion lab. She love shopping with friends and spending time with her boyfriend Brandon. Stella is a fashion queen whose dream is to become a fashion designer along with her being a successful fairy, so she is usually creating fashion forward outfits for her friends.

Gorgeous Tejasswi Prakash Wayangankar is seen in traditional characters on screen, seeing her portraying fashionable Stella would definitely be like an added charm in the sky.

Jennifer Winget as Flora:-

Flora is the fairy of nature who comes from Lynphea, the planet where people are relaxed, calmed and happy because of the positive vibes they get from the natural resources. Flora is brave, sweet and loyal with the passion for nature and its life. She is a caring person who is always first to ask how anyone is feeling. She is quite sensitive, shy and sometimes lack of self – confidence but with the help of her boyfriend Helia she gets her strength back. She love being around plants and environment so she is usually seen planting and gardening.

Golden beauty with classic fragrance Jennifer Winget would surly make the character Flora alive on screen if she would play this character.

Pooja Sharma as Musa:-

Musa is the fairy of music who comes from Melody planet and grew up with music all around her. Her mother was a great singer and father is a pianist. When Musa was young her mother became ill and died what made her father making himself and his daughter away from music but that couldn’t be happened for so long as it was the dream of Musa to become a singer just like her mother was. Riven, Musa’s boyfriend, helps her to achieve her dreams but in between Riven becomes possessive and things starts going wrong and they ends breaking up with each other. Musa loves all forms of music and can play any type as well. She enjoys singing, dancing and making her own music. She usually tries to put up a tough front but from inside she is the most sensitive girl one can ever meet.

One of the most adorable actresses Pooja Sharma who is seen in fierce characters such as Draupadi and Mahakaali so far, would definitely nail it with her cuteness as Musa.

Sanaya Irani as Tecna:-

Tecna is the fairy of technology who is from Zenith, the planet of technology where everybody is living an easy and advanced life with the help of scientific gadgets and other invented stuffs. She is beautiful intelligent and most importantly a go-to girl who is always ready with her self created devices to get herself and her friends out of troubles. Tecna loves discovering latest gadgets, video games and computer programs whereas playing video games with boyfriend Timmy and practicing algebra in free times is her hobby. As her most of the decisions are based on pure logic it becomes tough for her to express her emotions but later she gets rid of it and becomes more open.

Barbie of Indian television industry Sanaya Iran’s charm and intellect would go well with the character Tecna in Winx Club.

According to us these gorgeous actresses would definitely be suitable for these characters, what do you think readers? Let us know below in the comment section!

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