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I like modelling and prefer acting: Udit Kapur

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With a perfect body and sincere look with lots of expression makes Udit Kapur, hot and sexy model in town. Girls are going crazy back of this newbie sensation. Udit who belongs from Indore has soon become popular over social media. Udit is looking ahead his luck in the dream city Mumbai. He wants to do more of acting and modelling projects.
Talking to us about the same. He shares, “I respect all professions equally because you need somebody for every job and even though I like modelling, I prefer acting. Yes, I like looking attractive in front of the camera, I like the concept of all the styling and creative ideas being put together, expressing yourself in a way which isn’t prototypical but distinctive and modelling is all about it but I feel acting is an assemblage of all of the above and a lot more.”
Udit, who is mechanical engineer feels he can only be satisfied working in the entertainment industry.
He continues, “The beauty of being so malleable, conforming into different characters, expressing different emotions and after all this, the final result where all the actors,sets, the entire script put together creates a parallel world which isn’t real but looks so real and living a multitude of characters in plethora of such worlds and making others feel like it’s all real through your acting and work, gives me a sense of smug satisfaction and fulfillment no other job can”
We wish Mr. Kapur a luck.
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