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The episode starts with a very shocking revelation of Abhimanyu. To find out the saree of that Dayan, Abhimanyu digs up the soil and finds out that saree. To know more about it, he reaches to the shop from where the Dayan bought that saree. But the shopkeeper says that he doesn’t keep red saree in his shop and requests Abhimanyu to leave the place.

Abhimanyu returns home when Preeti was talking with another guy. Abhimanyu feels jealous and interrupts their conversation intentionally. He tries to help her but Preeti doesn’t want to take any help from him. Abhimanyu accepts his foolishness whenever he was in love and feels nostalgic when he was in love. Preeti also reminiscences about her past life.

In the night, again that negative power is about to wake up. Lal Singh is still locked in a room, following the order of Pablo Tripathi. He tries his best to escape from that room, but feels something very unnatural and unpleasant thing in that room. He feels someone’s present but couldn’t find him out. The whole environment seems very spooky and ghostly. To hear his scream Pablo and Shastri ji both come to him and feel disgusted on Lal Singh. They decide to finish him. Lal Singh begs to them for his life.

In the night, when all the villagers run into their own room hearing the announcement about the Dayan, Abhimanyu and Machhar both head out towards the jungle to continue their investigation. Machhar requests Abhimanyu to stop this for few hours but he asks Machhar to hold that saree for sometimes. Abhimanyu forwards towards jungle when the The witch in red sari starts hypnotizing him to follow her. She floats in the air, sometimes she hangs up from the tree. Following the shadow of that Dayan, Abhimanyu reaches to the edge of the forest.

But these all the dreams of Abhimanyu. when he wakes up, he notices that his whole room is messy enough, he understands that someone has entered in his room. He also finds out that someone has stolen the red saree from his house.

Episode ends.

Precap : Abhimanyu will meet Bindu who is a party dancer and will manipulate to stay with her in the night. She is the actual Dayan and will be looking for her next target.

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10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak 14th June 2024 Written Update: Pablo and Shastri Ji’s plotting against Abhimanyu