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Episode starts with Abhimanyu explaining the case to Machhar Singh and saying that the murderer always leaves a red saree after the murder. Machhar Singh refuses to join Abhimanyu to the jungle near the khandar. As he reaches there, a little stone rolls down from a distance and it seems like someone is watching over him so he asks who’s there and also takes Geetanjali’s name and asks her not to worry since it’s him. He suddenly turns around and finds Bindu in the jungle. He asks her what she is doing here so she says since he has met her, she has difficulty concentrating in any other work.

Abhimanyu asks some questions to Bindu. He asks where he had been since Harish’s murder. As he talks to her for some time and says that this daayan is killing someone every night which is not good. She says that in one way women have become so safe after the arrival of this daayan, otherwise earlier women feared men in the night. She tells Abhimanyu that her iPad has been repaired and that she got the name of the person who gifted her this red saree. She says that it was the Maharaja of Bahgalpur who gifted this to her.

A man was manicuring Daddy ji but as Shastriji enters the place, he gets scared and bruises Daddy’s feet. He asks Daddy to make a call to Delhi and get Abhimanyu transferred. He warns Shastri by chopping off a finger of the man who was doing his manicure. Shastri says that he has no love from Lal Singh but he has to get rid of Abhimanyu. Daddy says he need not worry at all and wait for a few days since
Abhimanyu asks Machhar Singh to visit the jungle and encircle it to find Geetanjali. He gets scared and requests him not to send him there.

Preeti comes and tells Abhimanyu that her aunt has got to know about the villagers and stone pelting scene and now she wants to talk to her regarding this. She asks him to vacate the house before she gets to know anything more. Abhimanyu says that the agreement was signed with his dept so he can’t vacate the house. He says that tonight he would get the corpse out of that ice factory and send it for post mortem.

Preeti’s aunt asks her to do something for Abhimanyu or else he would not let them be at peace. Aunt says that they must talk to Daddy ji who might help but Preeti says there’s no need for this and that she would do something. After everyone sleeps, Abhimanyu arrives outside Preeti’s place and gives her a signal. She secretly comes out of the house but chachi also comes out to see if anything is wrong. Abhimanyu pulls her hides with her behind a tree. They share a close moment together and bump their heads against each other. Then they leave for the ice factory and while driving they recall their old memories when they were in a relationship. Episode ends.

Precap: Someone fidgets with the body of the corpse before Abhimanyu and Preeti reaches the ice factory.

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10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak 22nd June 2024 Written Update: Preeti and Abhimanyu leave the corpse at an old ice factory