Nazar the famous supernatural and thriller show airs on Star Plus has recently completed 200 episodes, the show made a huge base of viewers the instant it was aired, thanks to its topic which goes beyond the conventional Saas – bahu drama, besides the performance of the actors that is quite convincing, though they are portraying the impossible.

Implementing the supernatural element is the most difficult, it is actually the hardest genre of drama as it involves convincing the viewers with what you believe to be impossible, the actors exert much efforts to put the character into being and create out of it a coherent being, a living entity the viewers will believe in.

The show was planned originally to be a 100 episodes series, but the viewers had a different opinion, they were enthusiastic enough to the thriller that the producers decided to extend it, the time slot played also a significant role in making a hit of this show.

Antara Biswas as Mohana Rathod the Dayaan who feeds on people’s vitality, Harsh Rajput as Ansh Rathod son of Mohana and Mridul, he was adopted by Vedashree and Shekhar after Mohana killed Mridul and got chased and burnt by the family , Niyati Fatnani plays the role of Piya  Sharma  Rathod, Ansh’s wife and Ritu Choudhary who portrays the role of Vedashree Rathod, all showed exceptional performances, specially Ritu Choudhary Seth who had twists and turns in her character, so it was not good all the way or bad all the way, there were some dark moments, she acted perfectly.

The chemistry between Ansh and Piya is so mesmerizing and heart grasping, it is beyond words, the music and the title song are so appealing and bind to the story line, the visual effects and cinematography are well used to serve the plot, which seems to  be appealing because it is different.

The creators of the show could manage until no attracting the viewers, maintaining the pace of the show, but alot is still expected from them to be done keep up what they have already achieved.