5 actresses who added charm to the negative roles

The theme of every story and plot must contain within its course a villain or a negative role who works on provoking the audience, doing his best to create hurdles and barriers along the way of the lead roles or the pivotal roles of the story.

The character of the villain is actually associated with alot of work from the side of the actor, it is usually the hardest, the actor has to convince the viewers of something that is totally against his own nature.

5 actresses could make watching their negative role performances really enjoyable.

1- Hina Khan

The actress who gained her popularity portraying the role of a typical bahu in the well known series Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, made her come back with a negative role ( Komolika) in the remake of Kasauti Zindagi Kay.

Komolika is such an arrogant character, who is accustomed to be the core of attention for all men, upon seeing Anurag, she intends to attract him to her, though she knows, he is in love with Prerna, her vanity and envy makes her even resort to murder, trying to kill anyone who comes between her and Anurag, through the flow of events her goal is to make Prerna and Anurag part ways, no matter what it takes.

Hina Khan appears different in this Series, the choice of costumes, make up and overall look, is quite suitable to the character, the viewers are yet waiting for more from her.

2- Shrenu Parikh

The actress with this sweet and innocent looks, whom the viewers loved in the role of Gauri in the series Ishqbaaz, is now portraying the role of Jhanvi that evil bahu in the series Sarva Gunna Sampanna who wants to get rid of all the members of her family, whose foul nature is covered by her snake like deceiving behavior.

Shrenu made a huge effort to be able to portray this role, she took part in workshops to enhance her skills and come up with such a firm cohesive character who is deriven by motives and revenge.

3- Parineeta Borthakur

This refined actress with such glamorous looks who appeared recently in the role of Anjana Hooda mother of Aditya Hooda ( Harshad Chopda), in the series Bepannaah, was discovered by the end of the series to be behind the murder of Yash and Pooja, she also kidnapped Sakshi who knew about her ill deeds and kept threatening her to cover up on her, she was even planning to kill Zoya.

The role of the mother with a psychiatric complex, who can commit murder with those who try to come between her and Aditya, her son, performing such a role, putting across this emotional ambivalence was was not an easy task, it needed a skilled talented actress.

4- Aalisha Panwar

The fresh looking actress who made a leap in her career with Tara character, that psycho who gets into sudden snaps of rage, killing people randomly, or dragging them to be killed, so her criminal family thought of finding a girl who looks like her to take the blame for those murders.

Aalisha’s performance was both stunning and surprising, no one was expecting those highly rated acting skills, specially that the role was so consuming, and needed a talented actress.

The costumes of Tara, her sharp make up and choice of colors suited her ill temper and evil nature, she deserves applause for portraying such a role in Ishq mein Marjawan.

5- Anita Hassanandani Reddy

The beautiful diva made a role that will long be remembered in the series Naggin, she performed the role of  a transforming serpent who appears to be in favor of Bella the queen of serpents, though with the course of events, the viewers discover how evil she is, that she was planning with Bella’s ex- lover to take the title from her, make her lose all her powers.

The nature of the role is so special, the supernatural element employed in the show made it hard, such a character needs an actress with good potentials to convince the viewers of the whole idea.

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