Sumedh Mudgalkar who is seen playing Krishn in StarBharat’s popular show Radha Krishn is also winning peoples heart through his TikTok videos. The actor recently joined the social media platform is now entertaining people through his videos on the app.

  1. Sumedh’s funny debut post .

The actor made his first TikTok  post with him doing cute antics, face movements, glasses and cap. This adorable video was loved by masses and was warmly welcomed. Sumedh uses perfect amount of expressions which makes his video look cute, funny and adorable. Sumedh aces the comic expression and its visible in his other videos too.

  1. Sumedh’s skilled dancing videos.

The actor is professional dancer and uploads videos of him dancing on various dance styles which has been highly loved by the people. He adds his own charisma in the videos which make then elegant as well as vibrant. He uses creqtive ways to expresses emotions with the dance techniques which makws the viewers heart flutter with love and appreciation for him.

  1. Sumedh’s adorable video with his dog Ron.

The actor has posted videos with his pet dog Ron after he met him long time back. The viewers were deeply touchee by seeing the bond between Sumedh and His dog . It shows the inseperable bond between Sumedh and his dog.

  1. Sumedh and Basant’s comdey videos.

This duo of Krishn Balram is just the same on screen and off screen. Both are seen sharing some comic videos of them making fun and enjoying themselves as BadeMiyaan and ChhoteMiyaan. Apparently Basant is seen playing Krishn’s elder brother named Balram. Sumedh and Basant’s video depict the real version of Krishn Balram.

  1. Sumedh’s post on awarness to fight Corona Virus.

The actor used his social media platfrom to spread awarness of being safe at home from the pandemic of corona virus. The actor along with his actor friends took an anitiative to create awarness on this issue by creating a challenge video of fighting corona by staying indoors.

Sumedh has uploaded many videos of him with various antics and is winning and ruling the hearts of people.


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