Vivian Dsena is ITV’s superstar. He is well known for his stint in Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahani, Madhubala Ek Ishq-Ek Junoon and Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki. Actor in his so far ITV journey has received many appreciations for his faultless performance. One can easily fall for his sexy appearance.

The heartthrob soon is going to turn a year older thus here we bring to you ‘Vivian Dsena’ special posts till his birthday. Last we compared right from Kabir Singh, Krish, Singham, Mohabbatein to Rockstar, which Bollywood characters if given to Vivian Dsena; he would have performed well. And according to his fans all the listed characters Vivian can play with ease. Now, today we are going to highlight 5 word lists that describe Vivian Dsena best. Comment, if you agree with us.

5 words that describes Vivian Dsena best!


Informally; amazing means very impressive or excellent. And such traits are reflected in Vivian. He throws impressive performance and there is no second thought in that. Vivian’s played characters gets popular instantly because all his characters breathe fresh. He is amazing indeed!


Seductive and we all know it. Vivian already holds a top place in Asia’s Sexiest Man list so who can be more alluring than him!


On or Off-screen; Vivian has an attractive charisma. Right from him hazel eyes, chocolaty look to dimpled smile; Dsena just melt the heart with his super hot personality.


Vivian has earned millions of the fans worldwide after giving back to back hit shots. Be it Abhay Raichand, Rishabh Kundra or Harman Singh his flawless performance skipped the beat of the audiences.


The way he brings life to the characters; Vivian Dsena is passionate about acting. His passion is seen in his work. And what can prove him more ardent when inspite of being injured actor didn’t took a break and gave close-ups.

So these are the few words that describe Vivian well. Let’s see what more you can add.

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