Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna, the newly launched show on StarPlus , starring with Shrenu Parikh, Zain Imam, Ayub khan and more ….

Has been able to keep the audience interested in following , what’ coming up?! , despite of it’s predictability of the sequences and incidents till now ; by revealing the truth of Janhvi “Shrenu Parikh “ ,her real intentions and motives to destroy her In-Laws.

As we’ve seen, how smartly and smoothly she was behind every  disaster and hardship , the family faced or still going through.

The captivating performance of  Shrenu Parikh as Jahnvi  ; is considered the main reason behind the high rates of the show so far.

We can’t but to admit how perfectly Janhvi is changing her skin ; hats off to “ Shrenu” who is seen  for the 1st time in negative role ; after portraying only positive characters on her entire career.

While Shrenu is keeping  her fans mesmerized by her new character and her stunning performance ; there’s another main reason why EBSS’  fans are glued to the TV screens.

This reason is Kabir Mittal aka “ Zain Imam” , with his sensible , devoting and caring character ; and his beautiful due with Kavya.

The Duo fans will be well treated with the next incidents; as we will witness so love and care moment between Kabir and Kavya.

As we’ve known before , Kabir will feel very sad seeing his Dad PK “ Ayub Khan” locking his Mum  Suman “ Purva Parag” ; after she impressed him infront of the press .

kabir will have a breakdown moment infront of Kavya , he will be so emotional about his mom’s state ; then he’ll hug Kavya who will hug him back as she felt sympathy for him.

So will we see a love story blossoming soon between Kabir and Kavya?

How will Kavya react on this ?

Keep tuned for all the updates ..



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