Sometimes it is difficult to realize that your relationship is toxic, and a person whom you date does not match you at all. It often becomes clear after a hurting break-up and equally painful doubts before this step. Therefore, it is important to learn how to identify that your relationship may hit a dead end. Check out 7 sure signs of toxic relationships. 

Your partner is constantly competing with you 

For inexplicable reasons, your partner constantly compares himself with you and wants to show that he is better and cooler in everything. Such a demonstration often takes place in public, and every word you say becomes a clue for a bitter argument. Your partner uses every opportunity to assert himself and depreciate your achievements. 

In a healthy relationship, both partners perfect themselves and develop harmoniously. In a toxic relationship, a partner perceives his loved one as an opponent, whom he needs to prevail by all means in order to gain the upper hand 

You feel exhausted 

Relationships affect our health and well-being. If you start to sleep less, lose or gain weight, and constantly feel under the weather, you may be dating an energy vampire. Such people get power and rejoice every time they take away the energy and strength of other people. In such a relationship, you have neither the physical vigor nor the strength and desire to do something. Apathy overtakes you, and your own inconsistency and depression move to the forefront 

You always accused of the whole bag of tricks 

A toxic partner does not distinguish the causes of problems and failures in his actions and is always inclined to project his own guilt onto other people, especially on you. He blames you for everything, including his mistakes and things beyond your control. Your only task is to take a punch and not to drive your partner mad, warning his frequent outbursts of anger. Sometimes you want to run away from it all and keep out of your partner.  

Your partner speaks only about himself 

It means that a person is not able to feel sympathetic to others. Such people have problems with emotional intelligence and empathy. Thus, your partner cannot put himself in the place of another person; moreover, he even does not set himself such a task because considers the individual self to be the hub of the world. Does he always talk about himself? It seems you are dating a classic narcissist. 

Narcissists are so passionate about themselves that they do not even notice what is happening around. As a rule, such people talk a lot about themselves, often interrupt others, do not ask any questions, and do not know how to listen to someone at all. The needs, desires, and feelings of such a person are always more important than yours, as they want the whole world to revolve around them. 

All your actions are criticized 

Everything you do or say is a priori bad. No matter how hard you try, your partner will always find a reason to nag and criticize you and your thoughts. For example, the omelet is too salty, the dress is too short, and the hairstyle is graceless. You will always be wrong in a relationship with such person. There is no point in justifying or proving the opposite  your partner will still find new reasons for dissatisfaction. No evidence and arguments will help you – such a person hears only himself. 

Your partner controls all your actions 

Your loved one is obsessed with the desire to have a hold on your life. Your partner certainly needs to know where and with whom you are, what you eat, what you are dressed in, or what conversation with a girl online you have. Sometimes this control can be taken for the care, but in fact, your partner feels like the master of your life. People who build healthy and harmonious relationships understand that having a personal life and some hobbies outside relationships is quite normal and even useful for a couple. 

You do not have sex 

It is difficult to argue with human nature: physical intimacy and regular sexual life is a necessary attribute of healthy and strong relationships. If there is no intimacy in your relationship and tactile contact is kept to a minimum, it indicates serious problems in the life of your couple.