Star Plus prime time show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is making headlines for all kind of right reasons, recently it has got another interesting update to offer it’s audience. The show is based on the love story of a heart surgeon Dr. Rohit Sippy and a TV actress Sonakshi Rastogi. Well after a lot of time and a lot of struggle finally Rohit has realized his feelings for Sonakshi and he proposed to her to be his forever.

Well, things are not being very much happy for this couple, just when Rohit has decided to move on in his life happily with Sonakshi, his past love Raima made an entry on their surprise engagement day. Not only did she come back in such a crucial point of life but also she accused Sonakshi for being the sole reason of her state. However, with time and struggle Rohit and Sonakshi built up and the unbreakable bond of trust within each other. Thus, Rohit doesn’t believe that Sonakshi can left someone on the road to die like that. He also made it very clear to Sonakshi that he belongs to her and there is no second thought about it. All he needs is time and proper frame of mind to disclose the current status of his life and relationship to Raima. However, if you feel that problems are getting less for RoNakshi, then you are mistaken.

Soon Raima will realise the fact of Rohit being out of love with her and is very serious about his relationship with Sonakshi. Hence she will decide to move away from his way and let him go ahead with Sonakshi in life. The families of both the love birds will decide to get them married as soon as possible as they have gone through enough. Soon a new twist will come in the way of Rohit and Sonakshi love life. The Yeh Hai mohabbatein fame actor Vineet Kumar will be entering the show soon. He will play the character of an obsessive lover, who works as a light man in the sets of Sonakshi. He is in love with her one sidedly and had some lusty feelings for her. The actor has already started shooting for his track and in the upcoming days of the show we will witness his entry. The actor also posted about his entry in the show and thanked the maker for providing him an opportunity to play a challenging role.



According to a reliable source from the sets of the show, this man will make his entry during the marriage preparations of Sonakshi and Rohit and he will start to play games to stop the wedding. Sonakshi who is unknown to this deadly danger that is surrounding her life and happiness will find it hard to digest this when it comes in front. Now it will be interesting to see how Sonakshi will tackle this problem and how Rohit protect Sonakshi from this man. In short, the audience of the show and the die-hard fans of Ronakshi who are so interested to see a jealous Rohit add encoder visual and nail-biting treat.

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