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Kaveri will tell Abhira about Arman and Ruhi’s relationship. Abhira will confront Arman. She will break her tie with Arman. 

In the recent episode, Arman gets hurt while saving Abhira. Abhira decides to help Arman. Arman cries in pain. Abhira asks the doctor to help Arman. The doctor asks Abhira to help Arman at home. He decides to guide Abhira. Abhira goes to the chemist to bring the medicine for Arman. Arman worries about Abhira.

Abhira decides to clean Arman’s wound. She asks Arman to bear the pain for her. Arman says he can bear any pain for her. Abhira decides to give a painkiller to Arman. Arman refuses to take medicine. He tries to convince Abhira to accept his love. Abhira asks Arman to take a rest. Arman asks Abhira how long she will avoid her feelings. He asks Abhira to understand his feelings. Arman says he never loved anyone other than Abhira. Abhira asks Arman about her ex. Arman gets shocked. He decides to talk about Ruhi. Arman falls unconscious.

In the upcoming episode, Arman will hope Abhira will accept his love. Abhira will break Arman’s heart by confronting him about Ruhi. Arman will fail to convince Abhira. Will Arman and Abhira separate forever?

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