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In today’s episode of colors television popular show Choti Sarrdaarni we will be witnessing how Sarab tackle kidnapper but baby cradle moves. Kidnapper will escape and baby”s cradle moves to a room full of orphan babies and gets mixed up. Aditi will check for tags but none of the babies have it and Meher’s baby’s tag is found in corridor. Another doctor will suggest DNA test to Sarab but Aditi will deem it impossible. Sarab will bring Meher in wheelchair who will close her eyes and let her instincts lead. She will find her baby and Aditi will confirm that his medical specification matches with his chord.

Sarab will decide to take Lalitha nurse with them after discharge and also tell Aditi he will take care of the expenses and education of those orphan babies. Meher will ask Sarab who could want to kidnap their baby. Aditi will slap her driver Bheem Singh for spoiling her plan of scaring Sarab by leaving baby in ground floor. She will scold Bheem for roaming with baby in corridors instead and say that the baby is very important to her and her entire mission would have failed if Meher hadn’t found the baby correctly.

Sarab will get ready to leave with Tharkash to bring Meher and baby home but Harleen will remind him about important party meeting in half hour. Tharkash will go to hospital to discharge Meher. Aditi will give a rare medicine to Lalitha asking her to mix it in the food or drink when right time comes. Meher will get home with Tharkash and Lalitha but will be sad to see living room empty.

To know more keep watching the show and stay tuned for updates.