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Sony SAB’s newly launched show Aangan-Aapno Kaa is currently focusing on Jaydev refusing to return to his home despite his daughter’s plea.

In the previous episode, we saw that Jaydev learned through Sahni about Pallavi’s constant persuasion to learn about his whereabouts, so he called Pallavi and lied to her. Pallavi got upset and hurt, but she refused to show to him. They both pretended to be happy. Pallavi then went back to work. Jaydev misunderstood that Pallavi didn’t care about him while Pallavi vented out her frustration about Jaydev to Akash.

Jaydev gets shocked learning through Tinku about Akash’s working place. He started packing his things before Pallavi could find him. Pallavi found out Jaydev was staying in Akash’s house, so she went there with her sister’s where she had confronted Jaydev.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness that Pallavi will question Rekha for calling her father Jaydev as a roadblock in her life. She will also ask Rekha what is wrong if she decides to take Jaydev’s responsibility.

Pallavi will question Rakesh about the reason behind him rejecting his US job offer. Rakesh will say he wanted to be with Rekha. Pallavi will ask Rekha and everyone if Rakesh can take his mother’s responsibility , so why can’t she take her father’s responsibility. Rekha will look furious. Jaydev will get worried.

Pallavi will leave the party with teary-eyed, which will worry Akash. Kusum will say to Aparna that Pallavi is planning to trap Akash. Jaydev will question Kusum for her allegations against Pallavi. Kusum will say that she stated what she has witnessed. She will also challenge Jaydev.

Pallavi will be seen crying while hugging a saree. Akash will reach her house. Jaydev will say to Kusum that Pallavi will choose her partner, who will always be there by her side in all her ups and downs. Both Akash and Pallavi will come out of the house. Pallavi will watch the pouring rain while Akash stares at her.

What will happen now?

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