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Sony SAB’s newly launched show Aangan-Aapno Kaa is currently focusing on Akash and gets impressed by Pallavi.

In the previous episode, we saw that Kusum threatened the Sharma sisters, so both Deepika and Tanvi tried to convince Pallavi that Jaydev was not here but Pallavi refused to them. Jaydev came out shocking Deepika and Tanvi. Pallavi taunted Jaydev for lying to his daughter’s. Akash suggested that they have their conversation inside the room as it’s private.

Pallavi demanded Jaydev to return home while Deepika questioned Jaydev for lying. Jaydev rudely behaves with them also refused to return home so his daughter’s leaves the house. Kusum and Sandhya overheard Sharma’s conversation. They both then made crude remarks against Pallavi to Jaydev. Jaydev defended Pallavi’s action.

Akash tried to cheer up Jaydev’s mood by having a conversation with him, which made Jaydev happy. Deepika and Tanvi apologised to Pallavi for not believing her earlier. They also compared Pallavi with their mother, which made Pallavi emotional. Pallavi explained to her sister’s that she had no hard feelings towards them.

Pallavi arrived at Rahul’s birthday party with Deepika and Varun. Deepika advised Pallavi to give some space to Jaydev. Akash and his family go somewhere leaving Jaydev alone. Pallavi wondered the reason behind Jaydev isolating himself from everyone.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness that Pallavi will leave the party with teary-eyed, which will worry Akash so he will follow her. Kusum will say to Aparna that Pallavi is planning to trap Akash. Jaydev will question Kusum for her allegations against Pallavi. Kusum will say that she stated what she has witnessed. She will also challenge Jaydev.

Pallavi will be seen crying while hugging a saree. Akash will reach her house. Jaydev will say to Kusum that Pallavi will choose her partner, who will always be there by her side in all her ups and downs. Both Akash and Pallavi will come out of the house. Pallavi will watch the pouring rain while Akash stares at her.

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