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Sony SAB’s newly launched show Aangan-Aapno Kaa is currently focusing on Aparna questioning Akash about his feelings for Pallavi.

In the previous episode, we saw that Pallavi shared with Akash about her bond with Jaydev after Aastha’s sudden demise and her sister’s marriage. Akash tried to make Pallavi understand that Jaydev took this decision to leave the house to protect from society. He also praised Pallavi for standing up for what she felt was right. He further told Pallavi both Jaydev and Pallavi wanted to protect each other so they were doing what they felt right it was not wrong at all. Pallavi told Akash about how society treats a woman and a man. Akash motivated her to be herself. He also complimented her. Pallavi thanked and apologised to Akash.

Jaydev told Kusum that he won’t force Pallavi to marry someone because he liked that guy. Instead, he would allow her to choose her partner. Deepika landed in trouble when she went to meet the passenger to secure her job, so she contacted Pallavi. Pallavi assured Deepika that she was on her way. But her car got into an accident, so Pallavi fell unconscious in an injured state, which Jaydev saw and got worried about.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness that Akash will be in a meeting. He will sense the earthquake. Pallavi will learn through the news about the severity of the earthquake so she will worry about Jaydev. Jaydev will struggle. Pallavi will plead with Akash to protect Jaydev. Later, Deepika and Pallavi will find Jaydev in a store room with Akash.

Akash will be seen in a meeting. Akash’s employer will inform him about firing him from job as they face losses due to his carelessness. Later, Aparna will demand Akash to answer if Pallavi is the reason behind him losing his job. Akash will say yes, which will shock Aparna.

How will Aparna react to Akash’s information?

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