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Sony Sab’s popular daily soap Aangan-Aapno Kaa is presently showcasing Akash’s struggle to get a job and other problems that the family is facing. In the previous episode we saw he tells Pallavi about his wish to a open an event management company. Later, Deepika and Varun give him a proposal that they will invest in his company.

In the current episode, Akash rejects the proposal harshly. Subash praises Varun that makes Akash insecure. Later Akash shouts at Pallavi and talks in disrespectful manner to her about her family. He is really angry about the fact that Pallavi has shared their discussion with her family members. Pallavi tries to pacify his anger. Meanwhile Akash speaks in a taunting note to Varun and insults him saying he is offering help just to show off his money and also to prove how noble he is as a person. He even taunts him for taking money from Pallavi’s family. They get into a nasty verbal fight. In the course of the action, Deepika also gets insulted by Akash.

Pallavi comes to Akash’s room to talk to him. He misbehaves again and leaves. Aparna overhears their conversation. She talks to Pallavi who assures her that she will accompany Akash in his attempt to make the situation better, this makes Aparna impressed. Later, Akash comes to Pallavi and apologizes. Pallavi says he should sort things out with Varun by taking to him. But Akash feels whatever he said to be true and he doesn’t want to take any responsibility.

What will happen next? How will the distance in the relationship of Akash and Pallavi reduce? How will Akash sort things out in his life? To know the answers and be updated about your favourite shows, stay tuned to this space.