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Sony SAB’s show Aangan-Aapno Kaa is witnesseing an interesting track where the Awasti’s will face backlash from the market people.

In the previous episode, we saw that Pallavi met Pappi in the restaurant. She questioned him about plotting against someone to ruin their life. Pappi put up an act in front of her. After she left, Pappi vowed to avenge her. Jaydev convinced a couple to buy the land. He informed the same to Pappi. At the same time, the Awasti’s brought sarees from Amit, who is Pappi’s man. Pappi got happy with the outcome of his plan.

Rakesh requested Janhvi to move out. Janhvi pretended to agree in front of him, but she decided not to leave Rakesh. Pallavi requested Monty to take care of Jaydev. She also learned that her ex employer’s were troubling Akash, who was still working there. Pallavi got shocked witnessing their shop’s customer behaviour towards her family.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness that Kusum will say to Ravi that she can’t remain silent even after seeing their downfall. Ravi will ask Kusum what they should do? He will also tell her that everything has gone out of their hand. Kusum will say to Ravi that nothing went out of their hand. She will then say to Ravi that she will go to Pappi, who will definitely help them to get out of this situation. She will also assure Ravi that she will help him free from the financial crisis.

Pallavi will say to herself that she is aware of the financial crisis. She will decide not to let Ravi and his parents suffer. She will decide to support them and come out of this situation. She will get determined not to let her family sell their shop.

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