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Sony SAB’s show Aangan-Aapno Kaa is witnesseing an interesting track where Kusum will trouble Akash and his family.

In the previous episode, we saw that Pallavi shared with Akash about everything that happened. Later, they both put up an act in front of Subash to make him realise his mistake of raising his hand at Kusum. Subash admitted that he was indeed regretting his act. He decided to apologise to Kusum, which made both Akash and Pallavi happy.

Tanvi and Rekha asked Rakesh to send Janhvi out of their house, saying that Janhvi was fine, so Rakesh went to discuss it with Janhvi about it. But he was shocked learning that Janhvi was pregnant. Both him and Janhvi hid this information from Tanvi. Janhvi decided to replace Tanvi’s place in Rakesh’s life soon.

Pallavi shared her idea with Akash to start a business using her cooking skills. Akash encouraged her to do it. Kusum took all the things to her room. She also informed Akash and his family that her kindness took advantage of them, so she won’t help or support them. Everyone got shocked. They all failed to change Kusum’s mind, so they got upset.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness that Ravi will meet Pappi Mehra. He will request Pappi to take his shop as he is willing to sell it. Pappi will refuse, but Ravi will beg him. Pappi will agree to Ravi’s idea. Ravi will get happy. Pallavi will look happy. Pappi will say to himself that he succeeds trapping both Pallavi’s father and her in-laws. Now Pallavi can’t able to save any one of them. Jaydev will speak with someone on the call. Pallavi will get confused seeing Jaydev’s tense behaviour.

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