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Sony SAB’s newly launched show Aangan-Aapno Kaa is currently focusing on Pallavi rushes to save Deepika but gets into an accident.

In the previous episode, we saw that Jaydev followed Pallavi outside the venue. He tried to apologise to her but failed. Pallavi expressed her disappointment towards Jaydev and then left. Jaydev got hurt. Akash went behind Pallavi to console her. Jaydev advised Tanvi to go to her house as Rekha is already upset, so Tanvi left. Deepika tried to assure Jaydev that Pallavi would forgive and forget him, but Jaydev refused to believe it.

Rakesh calmed down a worried Tanvi. He also assured me everything will be fine between both families soon. Rekha ordered Tanvi not to have any contact with her family, which upset Tanvi. Deepika also saw sad on her way to her house. Pallavi broke down in her house. Akash demanded her to let him in, but Pallavi refused. Akash decided not to leave Pallavi alone in her house, especially when she was emotionally down.

Jaydev got upset with himself for falling for Rekha’s words and hurting Pallavi. Kusum criticised Pallavi to Aparna, which Jaydev heard so questioned Kusum. Kusum taunted Jaydev and challenged him to find a life partner for Pallavi.

Pallavi ended up letting Akash inside the house. She broke down in front of him, so Akash took Pallavi outside in the pouring rain. Pallavi shared her bond with Jaydev to Akash.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness that Akash will leave the puja despite Aparna’s attempts to make him not leave it. Later, Aparna will see Akash and Pallavi together. Kusum will instigate Aparna against Pallavi and Akash.

Akash will sense the building movement. He will then learn about earthquakes through news. Pallavi will be seen in the hospital and tries to contact Jaydev but fails, so she will seek Akash to help her protect Jaydev from this earthquake. Jaydev will be seen trying to save himself but falls to the ground.

Will Akash be able to save Jaydev?

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