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Sony Sab’s popular daily soap Aangan-Aapno Kaa is presently focusing on the execution of the plan to outwit Pappi Mehra. In the previous episode we saw, Akash gets to know the original planning that makes him angry with Pallavi. While going through the papers, Pappi gets suspicious.

In the current episode, Akash and Pappi come face to face. In the flashback it is shown that Jaydev has asked Akash to give support to Pallavi. Pappi and Akash get into verbal conflict. It is revealed that he has done this purposefully to distract Pappi while the family enters the house. Pappi enters the house. He asks Tanvi where she has made the papers from, this makes Tanvi and Deepika anxious and finally Pappi reveals that the papers are absolutely perfect. It is finalized that they will show him the land on the next day at 9 am. Meanwhile Neetu informs that the police is going to survey the land at 2pm. So, they have to complete the whole procedure before that.

Pallavi is happy with Akash’s support but he clarifies that he was compelled to help as he doesn’t want his family to get into jail.Neetu meets Akash makes him understand that none of them is a criminal. But their situation has compelled them to do these things as this is their only way out.
The family prepares to show the land to Pappi. Akash arrives at the place to help. Being nervous Tanvi steps down and asks Deepika and Pallavi to continue. Deepika takes the initiative to show him the land but he insists on taking Varun to show him around. Varun says out Deepika’s original name in a slip of tongue.

Will Varun be able to cover things up? Is Pappi actually convinced or he will surpass the family in the process? All the questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes, so, yes, keep watching Aangan- Aapno Kaa. Stay tuned to this page for exclusive updates about your favorite Hindi shows.