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Sony Sab’s popular daily soap Aangan-Aapno Kaa is presently focusing on Awasti’s trying to trap Pappi Mehra and get themselves out of the trouble. In the previous episode, Akash distracts Pappi while the family enters the house. Pappi says the papers to be perfect. The next day he comes to visit the land and Varun spits out Deepika’s name in a slip of tongue.

In the current episode, Varun manages the situation by saying him Padmini (aka his wife) resembles Deepika Padukone to him, that’s why he said so. Pappi finalises deal and leaves . The family is very pleased and they start to celebrate.

Pallavi and Akash senses something ominous as Pappi is too cunning to believe anything so easily. Aparna overhears Pappi and Tandon having a conversation that he wants to visit the land with no one around, Aparna quickly passes the information to the family.

This makes the family perplexed as they are not at all prepared. But they decide to continue with the act. Pappi comes back and asks Pintu aka Pallavi to show him around, he touches her shoulder thinking her to be a boy, this makes Akash jealous and he takes the disguise of a watchman and appears in the scene.

Meanwhile, Neetu informs that the survey has been moved up. She tries to mislead the officers but fails. Akash and Pallavi distract Pappi from coming across the police and move him away from the place. Deepika gets a call from Pappi, he says something that makes her speechless.

What’s next? Is Pappi suspicious about something ? Will the deal be successful? To know the answers and be updated about your favourite shows, stay tuned to this space.