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The episode starts with Varun spitting out Deepika’s name in a slip of tongue. Varun manages the situation by saying him Padmini (aka his wife) resembles Deepika Padukone to him, that’s why he said so.

Pappi tries to talk to the caretaker of the land who acts to be a deaf person. Pappi finalises deal and leaves . The family is very pleased and they start to celebrate. Pallavi and Akash senses something ominous as Pappi is too cunning to believe anything so easily.

On her way, Aparna overhears Pappi and Tandon having a conversation that he wants to visit the land with no one around, Aparna quickly passes the information to the family. This makes the family perplexed as they are not at all prepared and the caretaker has left with his wife as well. But they decide to continue the act.

Pappi asks Pintu aka Pallavi to show him around, he touches her shoulder thinking her a boy, this makes Akash jealous and he takes the disguise of a watchman and appears in the scene.

Meanwhile, Neetu informs that the survey has been moved up. Neetu too comes to the place with the officers to make things easier. She tries to mislead the officers but fails. The survey starts.

Seeing the officer as Pallavi acts as if she has got a insect bites. Akash and Pallavi distract Pappi from coming across the police. In order to move Pappi away from the place, Akash suggests that they have to take Pintu in the hospital and asks Pappi to join them. When Pappi rejects the proposal, Pallavi says if this news reaches to the Madam, she will cancel the deal. This makes Pappi worried and he leaves with them. Pappi plans to look around the land when they leave, they sense his plan and act accordingly.

Deepika gets a call from Pappi, he says something that makes her speechless.

Episode ends.

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Aangan Apno Kaa 16th May 2024 Written Update: Akash is going to help the family