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The episode starts with Deepika getting a call from Pappi who confirms the deal. Everyone is very happy and they start to celebrate. Pallavi thanks Akash and hugs him. She says she has always believed that he will support her as always.

Meanwhile Tandon reaches the place and sees Pallavi, Akash, Neetu along with the NRI characters. He even notices their clothes that they have been wearing. He is about to call Pappi when the family come to him and Neetu bursts out in anger. She says she has loved him but he betrayed her for Pappi. She did everything for him but everytime he took the side of Pappi and never thought of her. They make him feel the value of Neetu’s love for him. They also make him understand that Pappi is a selfish person who is just using him and one day he will even harm him for the benefit of himself. This makes Tandon understand his wrong actions.

Tandon comes to Pappi’s office. Pappi insults him and makes him feel bad about himself. Tandon doesn’t disclose anything that happened earlier and it is implied that Tandon has changed his mind and now is supporting Neetu and company.

The family is seen worried as Pappi hasn’t contacted them yet. Pappi calls them and says as there is a lot of money involved they have to meet again. He specifically mentions that only Mannu and her manager should come to finalize the deal.

Tanvi and Deepika come to Pappi’s house. Pappi starts to misbehave with them. Soon it is revealed he knows everything. He calls Pallavi from Deepika’s phone. Pallavi enters Pappi’s house to save her sisters. She faces Pappi dauntlessly. She has hidden a camera in her bangles that records everything happened in the room. He himself confesses everything that he has done to the family and the others. He tries to threaten Pallavi but Akash comes into the scene and saves her. They reveal that they had got to know about his intention the moment he has said to meet the ladies with none around.

Tandon also enters the house and Pappi tries to thrash him. Pallavi stops him and reveals about the hidden camera that has telecasted each and everything to the police department and also to the people. Pallavi says to Pappi that it’s his pride that’s going to lead him to his downfall. Pappi is too shocked with these and can’t say a single word. Pallavi adds that they might don’t have much money but they have love and care for eachother in the family that gives them the power to do everything in order to keep it safe. Pappi is baffled. An angry mob rushes to his house in order to teach him a lesson.

Episode ends.

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Aangan Apno Kaa 17th May 2024 Written Update: The survey is preponed