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The episode starts with Pallavi sharing her relief with Akash after he returns home. Akash notices that Pallavi is crying, so he asks her the reason. Pallavi shares everything that happened during his absence. Akash gets shocked. Meanwhile, Rekha signs at Tanvi. Tanvi informs Rakesh that Janhvi is fine now. She also asks him to talk with her about her return tickets. Rakesh tells her it’s not the right time, but Rekha intervenes, and she asks him to inquire with Janhvi about her return. Rakesh agrees. After Rakesh leaves, Rekha signs at Tanvi in an assuring way.

Rakesh meets Janhvi. Janhvi’s behaviour confuses him, so he asks her the reason behind it. Rakesh then gets shocked learning that Janhvi is pregnant through the file she has with her. He gets worried. Janhvi puts up an act saying how he is going to manage once Rekha and Tanvi learn about her pregnancy. She then asks him not to tell anyone about it. Rakesh gets tensed. They both then hear the knocking sound, so Janhvi opens it. Tanvi questions them for locking the room door. They both give her an excuse. Tanvi asks her about the file, but Janhvi refuses to show her the report. Tanvi sends Rakesh out, and she leaves the place. Janhvi wonders about Tanvi’s sudden smart behaviour, but she also gets convinced she will soon replace Tanvi’s place in Rakesh’s heart.

In Awasti’s house, Pallavi tries to calm Akash down, but Akash shouts at her for interfering in their family business. Subash who comes out hears their argument and wonders why Akash is rudely behaving with Pallavi. Both Akash and Pallavi get into a heated argument. Akash raises his hand on Pallavi, but Subash stops him. He also scolds Akash for raising his hand at Pallavi. Akash reveals to Subash that they put up an act in front of him. He also questions Subash for slapping Kusum. Subash tries to make up an excuse to dodge the matter, but he ends up admitting his regretful actions. He also promises them to apologize to Kusum for his behaviour, and then he leaves from there.

Akash thanks Pallavi for being there for his family in all the situation. Pallavi shares her worries with Akash about the tension between both Aparna and Kusum. Akash assures her that they both will patch up soon. He also says to her that the next day is Holi, so they should happily celebrate it. Pallavi gets an idea. She shares with Akash about her business idea to help the family members. Akash encourages her to do it. Pallavi gets hopeful.

At night, someone takes things from the living room of Awasti’s house. The next day, Akash and his family get shocked to see the things are missing. They see Kusum in the kitchen. Aparna and the entire family get shocked seeing the things are in Kusum’s room, so Aparna questions her about it. Kusum vents out her frustration, saying the things belong to her. Also, Aparna has taken advantage of her innocence for years, so she won’t let that happen again. Pallavi tries to calm down Kusum, but she fails. Ravi supports Kusum’s decision, which shocks everyone. Pallavi and others leave Kusum’s room. Subash apologises to Akash and others for whatever is happening in the house. Aparna worries how to manage the situation as its Holi because of which guests will visit their house. Kusum thinks in her mind happily that Aparna is going to face humiliation while Pallavi decides to save their reputation.

Precap: Ravi pleads with Pappi to take his shop. Pappi agrees. He tells himself that Pallavi can’t able to save her family. Pallavi gets confused seeing a worried Jaydev.

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