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Episode starts with the conversation between Pallavi and Pappu. Pappu is punished for his wrong doings. Pallavi reveals that she has recorded all the threatening and evil words of Pappu which will be enough to pull off his mask. Although Pappu tries his best to save his position but at the last he feels to do so. Finally the police arrests Pappu Mehra for his wrong doings. Everyone puts black ink on his face. Pappu realises his mistakes and injustice to the other people and apologizes to everyone for his committed sin. The video of his apologization gets viral and the people gets understand his real face.

Akshay understands his mistake and apologizes to his wife Pallavi. He also accepts that Pallavi fought this whole battle alone and has brought this victory. She completely understands his difficulties for which he couldn’t able to participate in this process, he was not wrong in his side but the whole time was bad. They hug each other in love.
On the same day, the media takes a interview to Pallavi and asks her about the whole process, how she fought against the evil like Pappu Mehra.

Pallavi gets famous among the people and she gets her deserved respect from others. She also becomes the role model in the society. Akash feels very proud of her. Pallavi acknowledges the supportiveness and contribution of a two sisters. She brings them in front of the camera. She also includes the engagement of her whole family. When Pallavi utters the name of her husband Akash Awasthi the media starts questioning him about their nuptial relationship. Akash doesn’t accept any credit of him and says that he didn’t support his wife when he was dealing all this. But everyone understands the great bonding between Akash and Pallavi.

The shop is inaugurated by Pallavi and her two sisters. Aparna congratulates three sisters and their father. She appreciates their sisterhood. After a while, Kusum learns Akash has lost his job. She plans to reveal these news to everyone. When three sisters plan to visit a grand restaurant to celebrate their victory and requests Akash to arrange everything, Kusum exposes the crucial situation of Aakash. She shamelessly unboxes that Akash has lost his job few days before and he didn’t say anything about this. Everyone is taken aback by this sudden shocking revelation. Akash himself gets embarrassed in front of everyone but he accepts the fact. When everyone become surprised to think why Akash didn’t reveal this to anyone Pallavi instantly says that she used to know about this. To save the image of her husband Pallavi stands beside him.

Episode ends.

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