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The episode starts with Pallavi demanding Jaydev to come out. Tanvi says to Pallavi that the family might call the police. Kusum threatens Tanvi about the same, which leads Deepika to scold Tanvi. Pallavi goes inside in search of Jaydev. Kusum shares a similar incident that happened in the serial that she watches to Sandhya. Akash arrives there and calms down Kusum. Meanwhile, Tinku asks Jaydev to come out to meet the girls waiting for him outside. Tanvi calls out Pallavi, saying that Jaydev won’t be here, so they should go out. Just then, Jaydev arrives there, followed by Pallavi and Tinku.

Pallavi taunts Jaydev in front of everyone. Akash gets surprised learning that Pallavi’s father is Jaydev. He also tells the stress Pallavi has been. Tinku also says that Jaydev is missing Pallavi, too. Pallavi demands an answer from Jaydev. Akash suggests that they have the conversation inside the room as it’s their family matter. Jaydev asks his daughter’s to follow him to his room. Pallavi gets irked but follows Jaydev. Kusum tells Sandhya it’s fun and interesting to see a type of girl’s like Pallavi in serials but not in real life.

Deepika questions Jaydev for lying to them. Pallavi demands Jaydev to return home, but Jaydev refuses, saying he is happy here, so let him live the life he wants to. His daughter’s gets upset. Pallavi pleads with Jaydev to disclose the reason behind what’s pushing him to take this decision, but Jaydev refuses so Pallavi gets hurt and then leaves. Deepika expresses her disappointment towards Jaydev and then decides to leave. Tanvi requests Jaydev to attend Rahul’s birthday party and then leaves with Deepika. Both Kusum and Sandhya overhears their conversation.

There, Pallavi, Deepika, and Tanvi look upset, recalling their father’s behaviour towards them. Meanwhile, Jaydev apologises to Kusum and Sandhya for the discomfort they have to face because of his daughter’s. Kusum suggests that Jaydev share his worries with them. She also criticizes Pallavi for her behavior, which upsets Jaydev. Jaydev defends Pallavi’s actions, saying that he gave enough freedom to his daughter. Kusum taunts Jaydev. Jaydev gets upset. Akash sees this from far.

The Sharma sister’s reaches home. Both Deepika and Tanvi apologise to Pallavi for not believing her. Pallavi requests them not to apologise as she understands their behaviour. Both Deepika and Tanvi praise Pallavi by comparing her with their mother, which makes Pallavi emotional. Pallavi then clarifies to both Deepika and Tanvi that she isn’t upset with them.

Here, Akash meets Jaydev in his room. He advises Jaydev indirectly to share his stress with someone as his mother used to advise him about it. He then leaves. There, Rakesh gets shocked learning through Tanvi about Jaydev’s decision to stay in a rented house. He then hope’s Rahul’s birthday celebration will help both Pallavi and Jaydev to clear their differences. Tanvi also hopes the same.

Later, Pallavi arrives at Rahul’s birthday party venue with Deepika, who advised her to give some time to Jaydev. Here, Akash and his family members leave somewhere leaving Jaydev behind. Meanwhile, Pallavi wonders why Jaydev decides not even to attend Rahul’s birthday party.

Precap: Pallavi confronts Rekha. Jaydev gets upset hearing Kusum’s allegations against Pallavi. Meanwhile, Akash takes care of Pallavi.

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