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The episode starts with Monty and Jaydev cleaning the house. Tanvi enters and she thought there has been some problem in the house. Jaydev assures her that everything is okay. Tanvi finds a picture of her childhood. Jaydev says he has safely preserved his daughters’ belongings just the way Tanvi and Rakesh save Rahul’s stuff. Jaydev talks to Tanvi about Rahul and what might have been his psychology while getting into a fight with his friends and talking rudely to Rakesh. He says it’s pretty normal for a kid to get affected by the growing complexities in the relationship of his parents. He suggests Tanvi to have a friendly bond with Rakesh that will convince Rahul. He also informs they have been invited in the Awasti’s.

Tanvi, Rakesh, Deepika, Jaydev and Varun come to Awasti’s place for dinner. Akash is embarrassed and feels everyone must have changed their plan to eat outside thinking as Akash has lost his job he won’t be able to afford the expense.

Meanwhile he comes across his friends who ask him about his job and he lies and doesn’t disclose that he is currently unemployed. Varun sees a delivery person waiting for Akash to pay the bill while he is busy talking to his friends. Varun makes the payment but Akash is not happy with this act. Varun suggests that he should start a business by raising funds from the investors but Akash denies the idea and behaves rudely with Varun.

In the dinner table he shares his idea of opening a cloud kitchen with Pallavi that makes Suresh angry. He says the family doesn’t have much money right now and he orders Akash to come to the shop with him the next day.

Pallavi has taken an order and is arranging a party for a group of people who are also Akash’s friends that she is unaware of. On knowing she is Akash’s wife they request Pallavi to take them with her as they want to meet him. Pallavi takes them to the shop where Akash is busy showing sarees to customers. This makes his friends shocked. They enquire him about his job in the hotel and when they come to know that he is currently working in the shop, they make fun of him and pass insulting comments. After they leave Akash burst into anger and shouts at Pallavi for taking them with her. Pallavi says she was unaware that Akash didn’t disclose the fact with his friends. Pallavi gets upset with Akash’s behaviour.

Meanwhile Akash gets a call from his friend who informs that it’s really becoming tough for him to find a job for Akash as no hotel wants to have someone as an employee with a history of captivity in the jail. Akash suggests his friend to look for a job at a lower level. Though his friend suggest it is not a great idea because this might ruin his reputation, Akash is not bothered with this. He just wants to have a job at any cost.

Episode ends.

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Aangan Apno Kaa 21st May 2024 Written Update: Pallavi suggests Akash to open a cloud kitchen