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The episode starts with Pallavi deciding to record the video of both Kusum and Ravi. Kusum introduces herself, but Aparna demands Pallavi to open the door. She also informs Akash about it. So Akash joins Aparna, and he demands Pallavi to open the door. Pallavi decides to open the door, but both Suresh and Kusum stop her, saying that Akash won’t let her execute this plan, so she should resume her work. Pallavi feels helpless, but she agrees. Kusum and Ravi share with the entire world about how they fell into the trap of Pappi Mehra so their entire family is facing so much problem. Pallavi comes out of the room. Aparna vent out her frustration about Pallavi’s act to Akash. Akash angrily confronts Pallavi. Meanwhile, Jaydev, Deepika, and Pallavi’s family members become proud of Pallavi’s move against Pappi Mehra while Pappi gets furious seeing the video. Deepika shows the video to Varun, and then she taunts him.

Here, Pallavi tries to make Aparna and Akash understand that they all have to raise a voice against Pappi Mehra, who has spoiled many lives. Their initiative will definitely work out in their favour. Ravi informs Pallavi and the family members that their video went viral. Also, people who are suffering from Pappi Mehra are coming out and sharing their sufferings in the world, too. Pallavi gets hopeful that they can able to file a case against Pappi Mehra. She requests Akash to trust her. She then calls Pappi and gives an ultimatum to him. Pappi Mehra decides not to spare Pallavi.

Aparna tells her family members that she feels Pallavi’s plan is going to put them in more trouble but both Suresh and Subash says that their hope has increased after they followed the instructions of Pallavi to expose Pappi’s truth to the family. Aparna repeats that she feels something bad is going to happen with them. Just then, the inspector and his team arrive at Awasti’s house. He tells the Awasti’s about Pappi Mehra’s case against them for defaming him. Everyone gets shocked. The inspector orders his subordinates to arrest Pallavi and the entire family members. Ravi comes forward, and he asks the inspector to arrest him but not his family members. The inspector refuses to listen to him. The Awasti’s tries to convince the inspector not to arrest them, but the inspector refuses to listen to any of them. Aparna and Akash get upset and furious at Pallavi. The entire Awasti family board into the police vehicle in front of the neighbours. Akash expresses his anger to Pallavi, who gets sad. The inspector allows Sandhya to stay with Rinku in the house under his subordinates’ supervision.

Sandhya tries to contact Jaydev, but the cop who is with her stops her from doing it. Jaydev gets worried for not being able to Pallavi or the Awasti’s. He also witnesses Tanvi’s rude behaviour towards Rakesh. Tanvi taunts Rakesh. Rakesh pleads with her to give him a chance to explain himself. Meanwhile, the Awasti’s reaches the police station. Akash rudely behaves with the inspector, so the latter warns him. The entire family gets locked in the prison. Aparna rebukes Pallavi. Also, she insults Jaydev, so Pallavi pleads with Aparna not to drag Jaydev, who is also a victim, just like them.

Precap: Pappi Mehra bribes the cops so the Awasti’s suffer in the lockup.

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