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The episode starts with Suresh thinking about all the humiliation that Akash had to go through by his friends. He comes to Akash and talks to him about his rude behaviour to Pallavi and advises to rectify it. Meanwhile Aparna comes to the shop with home-cooked food and serves everyone. A customer gets irritated and leaves the shop as Akash is not efficient enough as a salesperson.

Monty and Pallavi are seen having conversation regarding Akash’s behaviour. Pallavi is really unhappy with her action of taking Akash’s friends to the shop. Monty asks her about the business idea to which Pallavi shares that they lack the necessary funds. Monty advises that they should only think about the idea and work on it, it will attract investors to invest automatically. He also lets Pallavi know about a person who is interested in investing in their business.

Akash comes to meet Monty where he gets a surprise visit by Pallavi. She tries to calm Akash down and pacify his anger. She shares the news of getting the investor. Meanwhile Akash gets a text message from his friend who lets him know that his application for job has been rejected even at a lower rated hotel. Pallavi is sharing her ideas of the cloud kitchen excitedly but Akash burst into anger and humiliates Pallavi. He sees these ideas and acts of his family members as a imposition upon him. He also tells that he wants to manage an event but as he neither has any event management company nor the fund to open it, he has to let go all his aspirations.

Deepika, Pallavi and Tanvi are seen having a discussion about Akash and his career. Rakesh is busy in a meeting and asks Rahul to sit calmly. While playing he breaks a vase and Rakesh scolds him. Rahul misbehaves with Tanvi and thinks his mother will take side of his father. Pallavi handles the situation.

Meanwhile Varun arrives at the place and announces that he has been featured in the news paper as a young entrepreneur. Deepika shows interest in Akash’s event management company’s idea. Later all of them come to Awasti’s house. Varun and Deepika talk to Akash and give him proposal that they want to invest in his company as they believes in the idea that family is the ultimate source of strength to everyone.

Episode ends.

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