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The episode starts with Aparna shouting at Pallavi in the prison. She also insults Jaydev, so Pallavi takes a stand. Aparna blames Pallavi. So Suresh takes a stand for her. Akash tells them that they don’t have any proof. Subash tells that Kusum and Ravi is their proof. Aparna explains it’s not valid proof. She blames Pallavi again. Pallavi tries to explain to Aparna, but Akash shouts at her. Subash points out Kusum and Ravi’s mistake because of which they all land in this trouble. He breaks down, so Suresh tries to calm him down. Ravi tries to speak up, but Akash asks him to shut up, which upsets Kusum, so she criticises Akash, which leads argument between them all. Constable Neetu arrives there. She introduces herself to them all. Akash demands a phone from her to contact his lawyer, but Neetu warns him for crossing his limits, and then she leaves from there.

There, Jaydev inquires with Tanvi about Rakesh’s whereabouts. Tanvi lies to him, which Jaydev catches, so he confronts her about it. Tanvi apologises to him for her lies. Jaydev encourages her to tell him the truth. Rakesh arrives there. He tells Jaydev that Tanvi won’t tell him anything. He also pleads with Tanvi to give him an opportunity to explain himself, but Tanvi demands him to leave the place. Rakesh refuses. He then informs Jaydev about everything that happened the day he went with Janhvi to an office party. Also, now Janhvi is pregnant. Jaydev gets shocked. Tanvi cried hard.

In the police station, Neetu gives a phone to Akash without a sim card. She also makes fun of the Awasti’s. Akash gets upset and sad. He taunts Pallavi by asking her to use this simless phone to contact their lawyer. Meanwhile, Neetu flirts with Pappi’s lawyer, who also flirts with him back. Pallavi pleads with the constable to let her use the washroom. The constable allows her so Pallavi uses that opportunity to steal her phone, and then she goes inside the washroom.

In Sharma’s house, Rakesh pleads with Jaydev to forgive him. Jaydev breaks down along with Tanvi. Pallavi calls Jaydev, but the latter fails to notice it. Pallavi gets worried. Meanwhile, Neetu inquires with Pappi Mehra’s lawyer whether she can get what she is asking for him for a long time if she does the work. He assures her about it. But Neetu gets upset with the lawyer for not fulfilling the promise he made to her. He assures her that this time definitely he will definitely fulfil the promises. Neetu gets convinced.

Jaydev asks Tanvi for carrying such a burden alone. Also, for the reason not sharing with him about it. Tanvi cries hard. Pallavi calls Deepika, who also fails to notice her calls. Neetu demands Pallavi to open the door. Just then, Deepika answers Pallavi’s call. Pallavi informs her about their situation and then hides the phone from Neetu. Here, Deepika informs Tanvi and the family members about Awasti’s situation, so they all decide to go to the police station. Meanwhile, Neetu grows suspicious of Pallavi, so she checks the phone, which Pallavi used to contact her family.

Precap: Jaydev and his daughter get Pallavi’s clue, so they decide to protest against Pappi Mehra.

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Aangan Apno Kaa 23rd April 2024 Written Update: Pallavi gives an ultimatum to Pappi Mehra