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The episode starts with Awasti family being happy about Varun’s success. Subash praises Varun that makes Akash insecure. Varun and Deepika talk to Akash and give him proposal that they want to invest in his company as they believes in the idea that family is the ultimate source of strength to everyone. He says once his business gets settled he can pay them back. Varun motivates Akash to pursue his ambition. But Akash rejects the proposal harshly. Later Akash shouts at Pallavi and talks in disrespectful manner to her about her family. He is really angry about the fact that Pallavi has shared their discussion with her family members. Pallavi tries to pacify his anger.

Meanwhile Akash speaks in a taunting note to Varun and insults him saying he is offering help just to show off his money and also to prove how noble he is as a person. He also blames Varun for all the trouble that Jaydev has to go through for Pappi. He even taunts him for taking money from Pallavi’s family. Varun sees this as a jealousy. They get into a nasty verbal fight and the family has to interfere. In the course of the action, Deepika also gets insulted by Akash.

Deepika is upset with Varun. She says what Akash did is wrong and there is no doubt about it, but she scolds Varun by saying his behaviour was also not justified. According her, Varun should have behaved and handled the situation maturely, by keeping calm.

Pallavi comes to Akash’s room to talk to him, but he denies and says he won’t talk to Pallavi as he doesn’t like her to share everything with her family. He misbehaves again and leaves. Aparna overhears their conversation. She talks to Pallavi who assures her that she will make the situation better as she has been taught by her father that the life of a man is not easy as the society puts a lot of pressure on him and he has to take a lot of responsibility. She can understand what Akash is going through. It’s not easy for a person who used to take care of the family to live an unemployed life. Aparna is impressed with this. Pallavi stops Aparna from leaving the room and hugs her saying she can now feel the essence and warmth of a mother’s love from Aparna. Akash watches them.
Aparna talks to Suresh that they have to do something so that Akash can come out of this phase. Suresh says handling the shop would be the best thing for Akash though Aparna doesn’t agree with it.

Pallavi gets a text from Monty who informes the investor will come to see the cloud kitchen on the next day. Akash comes to Pallavi and apologizes. Pallavi says he should sort things out with Varun by taking to him. But Akash feels whatever he said to be true and he doesn’t want to take any responsibility.

Episode ends.

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