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The episode starts with Pallavi sharing with Akash about her family from her mother’s death to her sister’s getting married. Also, her decision to take good care of Jaydev. Akash reasons with Pallavi about the reason behind Jaydev’s decision. He also says to her that parents and children will not last long. He further says that Jaydev wanted her to be moved on, but he also understands Pallavi’s decision to take care of Jaydev. He then says that they all are lucky to have parents. Pallavi cries. Akash encourages her to vent out her agony, saying there is nothing wrong in it. Pallavi hugs Akash, which surprises the latter. He also hugs her back. They both then realise their position so distances themselves from one another but stares an intense eye lock.

Akash takes Pallavi under a shelter. He then praises Pallavi for her decision not to take the job offer and also the way of handling the situation. If he is in her situation, then he would have reacted badly. Pallavi says to Akash that society won’t raise questions about his decision as he is a guy, but she is a woman, so according to society, for a woman her Aangan is her in-laws’ house Akash reminds Pallavi that Jaydev came under the society’s pressure, so he decides to leave the house so that he can protect her. He advises her to understand Jaydev’s perspective too and give him some time. Pallavi stares at Akash.

There, Kusum says to Jaydev in their house that they won’t accept someone like Pallavi as daughter-in-law. Jaydev says that Pallavi will choose her life partner on her own, who will fight against all odds of the society. He also says to Kusum that even he don’t feel like their house’s guy is perfect match for his daughter Pallavi and decides to leave but Aparna stops him and says that she understands Pallavi’s intention but the way she handled the situation was totally wrong. Jaydev says to her that it’s him who is the one who made the mistake first, but now everyone is blaming Pallavi. He then informs Aparna about his decision to vacate the house and then leave.

Here, Pallavi, thanks, also apologises to Akash. Akash compliments Pallavi and then leaves. Meanwhile, Deepika meets the passenger who has a video of her. She apologises to him and also requests him to delete the video. She then deletes the video from his phone and tries to leave, but the man attempts to molest her, so she hits him and runs away from there.

Pallavi recalls her interaction with Akash and smiles. She then notices Deepika’s missed call, so she calls her and learns the latter is in danger, so she rushes to save her. Meanwhile, Jaydev buys fruits. There, Akash returns home. He hears the way Kusum criticises Pallavi, so he takes Pallavi’s side and praises her bold act, which shocks both Aparna and Kusum. Here, Jaydev gets shocked when Pallavi’s car meets with an accident. Pallavi falls unconscious.

Precap: Akash leaves his house puja despite Aparna’s attempt to stop him. Kusum fills Aparna’s ears against Pallavi after they both spots Akash and Pallavi together. Later, Pallavi pleads with Akash to save Jaydev from the earthquake. Jaydev is seen struggling to save himself. Akash looks worried.

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Aangan Apno Kaa 23rd December 2023 Written Update: Jaydev decides to return back home