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The episode starts with Akash saying sorry to Pallavi, Pallavi says he should sort things out with Varun by taking to him. But Akash feels whatever he said to be true and he doesn’t want to take any responsibility. But he has realised that he has misbehaved with Pallavi. Pallavi forgives him and they spend some good time together.

The next day Pallavi comes to Tanvi’s place as Tanvi has asked her to meet. Tanvi says as Pallavi is their younger sister, she can’t see her in a trouble and wants to help her. She gives her a cheque of fifteen lakhs. In the flashback it is revealed that it was actually Deepika’s idea who has convinced Tanvi to offer help on behalf of Varun, so it seems Tanvi is offering the fund, not Varun. Pallavi denies as she thinks Akash is not in his original zone and he will react over this. Tanvi is stubborn and finally Pallavi says she will try to convince Akash.

Aparna calls Suresh asking for the keys of the locker. She wants to sell her jewellery in order to provide funds to Akash. Suresh denies and says he won’t allow it and Akash has no other option other than handling the shop.
Pallavi gives Akash a huge amount of money and he gets shocked. When he asks about the source, Pallavi says it has been given by Aparna. Akash gets confirmation about it from Aparna. It’s revealed in the flashback that Aparna has shared her incapability of arranging the money. Pallavi shares the plan that they will convert the cheque into cash and it will be given to Akash so that he gets convinced that the money has been arranged by his own family.

Pallavi and Akash make preparations to impress the clients with the help of Monty. Akash is really happy and feels lucky to have a wife like Pallavi who has always been there for him.

The next day, Akash gets ready for the meeting with his clients. He goes to the shop to seek blessings from his father. But he comes to know from Suresh that he has not given the money. He comes back to his mother and makes her confess about the source of the money. He comes to know that Tanvi has given Pallavi the money. He calls Rakesh to confirm who says he doesn’t know anything about the money. He suspects and calls Tanvi. Akash manipulates her by saying she is a better person than Deepika who only helps to show off, Tanvi can’t take these false accusations on Deepika and confesses that the amount was given to him by Deepika. This makes Akash angry with Pallavi as he feels she has betrayed him by her actions. He doesn’t have any idea that Pallavi herself is unaware of the involvement of Deepika in all these.

Episode ends.

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