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The episode starts with Jaydev rushing towards Pallavi’s car. Everyone around it wonders who it is. Jaydev urges the people there to call an ambulance. Meanwhile, Varun finds Deepika on the road and asks her what happened. Deepika hugs him and cries hard. She then shares with Varun about everything that happened. Varun loses his temperament and decides not to spare the man, but Deepika stops him, saying she will manage the situation. She cries hard, so Varun tries to console her.

In the hospital, Pallavi gets treated. The doctor informs Jaydev that Pallavi is stable now. He also says to him that the test report will come later and then leave the place. Jaydev asks the nurse when the report will come. The nurse says it will be out by tomorrow and also suggests that he wait outside. Jaydev obliges.

There, Akash gets worried when Pallavi doesn’t answer his calls. Both Subash and Ravi wonder the reason behind Akash’s worry. They both inquire him about the reason about it also suspects Akash has feelings for someone. But Akash clarifies he doesn’t have any feelings as he is worried about his head chef, who is a woman, then leaves getting annoyed by their questions. Subash and Ravi stare at him.

In the hospital, Pallavi gains her consciousness. She gets shocked seeing Deepika there. Deepika advises her not to strain herself. Pallavi demands Deepika the reason behind her crying the previous night. Deepika tries to assure her lies, but Pallavi refuses to believe her. Jaydev arrives there and mocks Pallavi. Pallavi taunts him. They both get into an argument. Deepika goes to talk with Tanvi. The nurse arrives there. She complains about Pallavi’s behavior and then checks Pallavi’s BP. Pallavi urges Jaydev to take his BP medicine. Jaydev obliges then leaves.

Deepika informs Tanvi about Pallavi’s state. Tanvi cuts the call, seeing Rekha. She also lies to Rekha about the person on the other side. Rekha leaves for her kitty party. Tanvi gets relieved. Meanwhile, Akash urges Aparna as he has taken the responsibility to take her somewhere. Inside, Aparna expresses her worries with Kusum about Akash’s reaction after he learns they are going to see a bride for him. Kusum compares it with daily soap and assures her everything will be alright.

Ruchi informs Akash about Pallavi’s accident, so the latter rushes to the hospital, leaving Aparna behind. Aparna looks on. Ruchi and Akash meet Pallavi. The nurse asks Pallavi to have medicine, but the latter refuses. Ruchi leaves home. Akash lies to Pallavi and makes her have the medicine. Pallavi gets upset. She then compares him with Jaydev and thanks Akash. Jaydev arrives there. Both him and Akash tease Pallavi. After Akash leaves to his house, Pallavi informs Jaydev about Akash taking good care of every employee, including her. Jaydev recalls Kusum’s words, so he behaves oddly, so Pallavi asks him if he had fight with Akash’s family? Jaydev refuses to answer. Pallavi gets upset with herself for putting Jaydev in a tough spot because of her attitude, but Jaydev assures nothing such happened.

Here, Akash returns home and praises Pallavi. Aparna inquires to him about Pallavi’s state. Akash praises Pallavi and compares her with Aparna. Aparna asks Akash if he likes Pallavi? Akash looks on Aparna.

Precap: Pallavi worries about Jaydev’s safety after sensing an earthquake. She pleads with Akash to help her. Akash saves Jaydev. Later, Akash gets fired from his job, which Aparna learns, so she questions Akash about it. Akash looks nervous.

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