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The episode starts with Tanvi calling Deepika and telling her everything about the conversation that she and Akash had in the phone call. Deepika gets agitated with Tanvi and makes her realise that Akash said all those things to get the confession from Tanvi. Meanwhile Rakesh arrives, he also informs Tanvi about him getting a call from Akash who had asked him too about the source of the money. After knowing everything, Rakesh scolds Tanvi for her immature behaviour. Rahul is upset with Rakesh as he has scolded his mother. Tanvi tries to calm him down but fails.

Akash and Pallavi come to the cafe. Pallavi is really happy that finally Akash’s dream is turning into reality. Deepika and Tanvi come to meet Pallavi. Deepika is about to let her know everything when suddenly they hear a sound. They found Akash to be furious and vandalising the whole arrangements. He calls Pallavi a lier. Pallavi who doesn’t have any idea about the reason of this anger is shocked with Akash’s behaviour. Deepika confesses that it was not Pallavi’s rather her idea and Pallavi didn’t know anything about it. Pallavi expects this will calm Akash down but he gets more angry, breaking each and everything around the cafe. Pallavi tries to make her point but Akash doesn’t listen. He continuously blames Pallavi for things. He is about to hurt Pallavi physically when Deepika stops him and taking a bold stand for her. She says they are family, all they want is to help him out. She even reaffirms that they don’t have any intention to hurt him. Akash doesn’t listen even for a second. He says that he is talking to his wife Deepika says, she is her sister whom she has raised like her own baby. She calls him a loser and an egoistic person.

Pallavi tries to calm them down but Akash pushes her away and in the process Deepika gets physically hurt. Varun enters and Akash and Varun again get into a fight. Akash says nasty things to them and leave. Pallavi follows him, though Deepika tries to stop her, she doesn’t listen. She chased him to a place where he gives her a push and she fells down in the ground. Akash says he doesn’t want to stay with her anymore and asks her to leave, from his house and his life. He said that she has always priorities her own family over him. Pallavi is shattered and says Akash used to promise that he will never differentiate between the two families. Akash doesn’t pay much attention on what she is saying and asks her to leave. Pallavi expects Akash will stop her but he doesn’t. Heartbroken Pallavi leaves the place and probably from his life too.

Episode ends.

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