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The episode starts with Pallavi questioning Pappi about plotting against someone to ruin their life. Just then, a waiter arrives there, apologising to Pappi for spilling a coffee on his laptop. She then starts cleaning it. The FB shows in which Pappi lashes out at the waiter for spilling coffee on his laptop. Pallavi mocks Pappi for using such strong words against a person who spills a coffee on his laptop. The restaurant staff apologises to Pappi for the inconvenience he has to face from their end, and then they leave. Pappi vented out his frustration with Pallavi for spoiling his earlier plan to buy his in-law’s shop. Pallavi firmly tells him that she won’t let Pappi buy the shop as it belongs to her family. Pappi thinks in his mind not to spare Pallavi.

Here, Jaydev shows Pappi’s land to a couple. He convinces them to buy the land. The couple agrees. Jaydev gets happy. Meanwhile, Ravi stocks up the shop with sarees from a new vendor named Amit. Both Suresh and Subash look proud of Ravi for the hard work he is putting up to improve their business. Meanwhile, Pappi receives the call from Jaydev. Jaydev informs him about the couple agreeing to buy his land. Just then, Pappi receives the call from Amit, who informs him about the new orders he has gotten from the Awasti’s. Pappi praises both Jaydev and Amit. He then thinks in his mind to ruin Pallavi’s family.

In the shop, both Suresh and Subash decide to get more sarees from their new vendor, seeing the customers like the new saree collection. There, Rakesh meets Janhvi in her room, who is busy doing yoga. Janhvi shares with him about her social media routine. Rakesh inquires with Janhvi about how long she is going to stay with them. Janhvi informs him that she has to stay here for the next 3 to 4 weeks for her project to end. Rakesh requests Janhvi to move out, saying that he is uncomfortable and worriedly after whatever happened with them the other day. Janhvi agrees to move out. Rakesh gets relieved, so he leaves. Janhvi says to herself that she won’t leave Rakesh and his house. Also, she doesn’t care about what Rakesh’s family can go through as she only cares about herself and Rakesh.

Tanvi and Pallavi have a conversation about both Jaydev and Deepika. Tanvi advises Pallavi to give some time for both Jaydev and Deepika, but she refuses. Here, Jaydev goes to the cafe where Monty works. He asks Monty to call Pallavi. Pallavi realises that Monty called under Jaydev’s request. So she makes it clear to Jaydev via that call that she isn’t going to leave him at all. She then requests Monty to take care of Jaydev, which Monty agrees.

Akash calls Pallavi, and he informs her about his shift timing. Pallavi gets upset with her ex employer’s behaviour towards Akash. The next day, both Pallavi and Sandhya go to the market to buy things. They get shocked when their shop’s customer demands a refund from his family for the clothes which aren’t worthy one. Pallavi tries to handle the situation, but everything goes out of hand. Pappi gets happy seeing everything from far.

Precap: Kusum decides to take Pappi’s help to save Ravi while Pallavi gets determined not to let her family sell their shop.

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