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The episode starts with Aparna asking Akash to take Pallavi inside the house. She says Pallavi is a very pure hearted woman who has always thought for the best of the family. She is one who has every right to stay at the house and as Akash is the one who has been very rude to Pallavi, should leave the house. She asks Akash if he wants to stay in the house he has to say sorry. Meanwhile Jaydev takes Akash’s side and says Pallavi should have behaved more maturely and Akash won’t say sorry.

In the flashback it is revealed Aparna and Jaydev have teamed up to patch them up. They have decided that they will make them realise how much they love each other. All these were pre-planned. Pallavi tries to calm them down but both Aparna and Jaydev act to be stubborn. Aparna packs Akash’s bag and asks him to leave the house if he doesn’t asks for forgiveness from Pallavi. Jaydev stops Akash and asks him to stay with him. He also says he is going to take Akash’s side. He convinces Akash to go with him. Jaydev texts Aparna and lets her know that Akash has agreed to stay with him and Pallavi stays with Aparna.

Akash comes to Jaydev’s house. Seeing Pallavi’s stuffs he gets emotional and starts missing her. Pallavi too is missing him at his house remembering all the good times that they have spent together. Aparna comes to Pallavi and Akash’s room where Pallavi is staying right now and hands her over Akash’s clothes as she is not carrying any of her belongings. She wears the clothes and misses him even more.

The next day, Jaydev disorganises Akash’s clothes purposefully to make him miss her even more and he does miss her presence as she is the only one who organises his stuff perfectly. On the other hand, Aparna makes Akash’s favourite breakfast, it makes Pallavi miss him too. She calls his name and realises the reality. she gets emotional and leaves the breakfast table and going back to the room starts crying.

Jaydev, Tanvi, Kusum all of them plan to arrange a meet up to get Pallavi and Akash closer. But when they come to the room they don’t find her. They call her and come to know that she has gone to meet the investors, she tells them that she wants to keep herself busy as staying home alone will make her more melancholic. Though Sandhya tries to convince her to come early she denies. Aparna starts to think about how they can execute the plan of bringing them together.

Episode ends.

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Aangan Apno Kaa 28th May 2024 Written Update: